Having Customers In Network Marketing Has A Hidden Benefit

finding-new-customersHaving Customers in Network Marketing is something that many network marketers overlook.
Why are customers so important?
-Product sales are easier than recruiting.
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-Customers that love your product are less likely to stop ordering vs a business partner that loves the idea of making money.
-Customers often turn into your best distributors.

It should be your goal to get at the very least your autoship covered by retail customers in your first week.
You only need a small handful of customers to make that happen.
Once you get more, you are in profit every month.

Now what if your team each had 10 -12 retail customers?
What would that do to your business volume?
You would probably advance rank, qualify for bonuses and be able to go on reward trips.

Here is another benefit:

Any of your distributors that have enough retail customers to be in positive cashflow each month will NEVER, EVER quit!

How cool is that?

Attrition is such a big issue when growing your network marketing team but having your team get retail customers stops attrition.

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Create a great day!

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