Having Posture With Your Prospects (Part 2)


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We’re continuing our three-part series on how to have posture with MLM prospects… Last time we covered why you shouldn’t try to be your prospects’ friend, rather you want to come across as their leader. We also talked about why it’s important to have some hoops in place that you have your prospects jump through prior to getting on the phone with them, so as to qualify them. Today, let’s go over two more concepts.

More Tips For Having Posture With MLM Prospects

Because you want to sound like a leader, you can’t convey any sense of need when on the phone. You have to convey the idea that you have so many MLM prospects lined up, eager to work with you, that it honestly makes no difference to you whether a particular person joins you or not. This is probably not yet a reality for you in your business (but it will be soon enough ;), nevertheless you have to convey the certitude of a person who is already experiencing this type of success. Ironically, when your MLM prospects sense that you don’t need them, that’s when they want to sign up with you.

Why “Less Is More”

Never try to sell your MLM prospects. Allow them to sell themselves. People hate being sold to – they want to feel as if buying from you was THEIR idea.

As I pointed out in my first post on how to have posture with MLM prospects, what you want is to get your prospect to talk. Get them to talk about themselves, their ‘why’, and their pain. Never ramble on about your products or your opportunity – that’s never effective. On the other hand, when you’re holding back a bit, your prospect will be intrigued and want to find out more. This is yet another reason why you want your MLM prospects to do some homework prior to getting them on the phone (something we also discussed last time)…if they’ve read your FAQ sheet or watched your webinar, they’ll already have some knowledge about what you do, and you won’t have to do as much “telling and selling”. Then, you also won’t come across as if you’re trying so hard.
Prepare, But Don’t Over Prepare
You may find it helpful to use ‘post it’ notes as reminders of how to carry yourself while on the phone: “Smile!” “Stand up!” “Pace!” “Slow down!” Stick these notes where they will easily catch your eye. You want to sound energized but not hyped-up, friendly yet firm, busy but not hurried – and ‘post-it’ notes can serve as helpful reminders. You may also want to have an outline in front of you to help you stay on track. But, needless to say, don’t ever read the words straight off the page – you want to sound natural.

It’s also a good idea to have the answers to possible objections ready, written out, placed somewhere where you can easily see them. Then you can quickly glance over at your notes if the objections come up. But that doesn’t mean you should rehearse the entire conversations beforehand. Don’t over-prepare. If you do, you’ll only subject yourself to unnecessary mental stress. You’ll get on the phone with prospects feeling tense, anticipating objections. And that, my friend, is a self-fulfilling prophecy: Expect your MLM prospects to give you a hard time, and they will. Because, for good or for bad, your prospects will pick up on your energy.
Posture With MLM Prospects: The Bottom Line
Learn to relax about the whole process. The more you just go with the flow of the conversation, the better you will do. Remember, it’s impossible to anticipate every objection, or know the answer to every question someone may or may not ask. So learn to deal with them when – or IF – they come. Fact is, most of the time they don’t come…AT ALL. Next time we’ll cover a few final guidelines pertaining to how to have posture with MLM prospects. Please comment below if this helped you!

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