Having Posture With Your Prospects (Part 3)

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We are looking at how to have more posture with MLM prospects, and have arrived at the third and final part in our little mini-series. (If you missed part 1, you’ll find it here. Click here for part 2.) In today’s post, let’s look at three final tips for how to increase your posture with MLM prospects.

Final Tips For Having Posture With MLM Prospects

It always comes back to leadership: If you are to get your prospects to take the next step and join your team, you have got to be able to make them see that you are that Leader they’re looking for (at a subconscious level). Even if you’re brand new in the game and haven’t made a buck in your business yet, you can still have posture. Having posture simply means you know who you are on the inside – regardless of what’s going on in your business or your life externally – and that you are able to project this over the phone. So, let’s get to our final three… Ready? 😉

Learn Not To Be Emotionally Attached To The Outcome

Develop an abundance mentality. As one of my mentors always used to say, “Some will, some won’t…so what?”

The better of a marketer you become, and the more experience you get, the more you’ll also see your confidence grow. You’ll be able to become less and less attached to the outcome of your conversations with MLM prospects. Yes, you’ll always want to get on the phone with a clear intent, but nevertheless, it’s just “business as usual”: the fact that someone signs up with you isn’t any more cause for celebration than the fact that someone turns you down is a reason for beating yourself up. What I’m saying is you’ll get BOTH yes’s and no’s in business – it’s to be expected! This right here is something you need to start working on now. Because, like it or not, whether or not you’re able to treat your business like a business is something that will be projected over the phone to your prospects.   So that’s the first thing. Second:

Don’t Ever Try To Prove Anything To Your Prospects

Assume your MLM prospects already know you’re a Leader. None of the “I’m on one of the most successful teams with the company,” “I’ve already had 7 sign-ups this month”, “I went up two pins in just three months.” If you say stuff like that when on the phone with MLM prospects, you’re gonna find that soon they’ll be drilling you, and you’ll end up losing control of the conversation. The reason they’ll drill you is because they’ll perceive your boasting as insecurity. You won’t come across as the Leader they are looking for, and so they’ll put you to the test. People who genuinely believe in themselves don’t have to prove anything. If you know in your heart that you’re a Leader – I mean, if you know that you know that you know – you just won’t have a need to shout it from the rooftops to make sure the rest of the world gets the message.

Always Guide Your MLM Prospects Along To The Next Step

Last but not least, never present your MLM prospects with a myriad of options. Too many options will get them confused, and confused people don’t take action.  Ask yourself, “What is the ONE step I want them to take right now that will move them along in the process of becoming a distributor/buying the start-up kit/placing their order/getting on auto shipment…?” (whatever your particular objective is). Whatever it is that’s going to move them ONE step further in the right direction, that’s where you’ll want to lead them – and only there. Take them by the hand and guide them along. When you do, you’ll project posture; lots and lots of it.

And Now For The Million Dollar Question…

How do you develop this kind of abundance mentality? How do you develop this kind of belief in yourself? I think the process is different for everyone, but it almost certainly includes one or more of the following: Practice and patience… Studying personal development, honing your marketing skills… Consistently pushing outside your comfort zone, getting back up on your feet every time you fall, allowing yourself to be coached by others… Spending time with successful, forward-thinking people… Practice, practice, and more practice. Sure there are little tips and tricks that can help. Choice of words, voice intonation, mannerism… But ultimately I think that what it comes down to is this: As you grow on the inside, it will show on the outside. And your MLM prospects will know instinctively that you’re the Leader they want to work with, without needing any convincing. Best of “luck” with your prospecting!

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