Having Posture with your Prospects (Part 1)

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Having posture with MLM prospects… I bet you’ve heard that phrase used a million times. But what does it really mean to have posture with prospects, and why is it so important?

Well, having posture simply means you are in control of the conversation. You are being the leader. Of course your MLM prospects are really looking for a leader to follow, not a business opportunity to join…

How To Have Posture With MLM Prospects

You’re already familiar with these concepts if you know something about Attraction Marketing and/or you’ve read Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” book.

So, when you are on the phone with a prospect, you need to come across as the leader that they, at least at a subconscious level, are looking for.

And this is also why you need to put on your posture prior to picking up the phone – kinda like you put on your suit or your tie.

What follows are some specific guidelines to better help you have posture with prospects.

Don’t Try To Be Your MLM Prospects’ Friend

Huh…? Yes, you read that correctly. Your prospect doesn’t need a friend…once again, they need a leader.

Yes, you’ll want to build rapport. No, you shouldn’t go directly from “hello” to “here’s how to get started” – that’s obvious. But spend no more than 20 seconds building rapport, then move on. In other words, don’t get stuck chit-chatting about all the things you have in common!

Amateurs Sell, Professionals Sort

I always do a lot of sorting and filtering prior to getting on the phone with MLM prospects. If someone contacts me on say, Facebook, or via email – which people often do – I’ll always give them some homework to complete before scheduling them for a phone call.

Why? Well, because I want to make sure they are serious.

I suggest you do the same. The worst thing you can do is get on the phone with MLM prospects who have no idea what you’re about or what you have to offer, and who start drilling you with a million questions.

Then, you’ll lose all your posture in an instant.

One thing I learned as a new marketer from one of my very successful mentors was that “In any conversation it is the person asking the questions who holds the power”.

Over the course of my now more than six years of marketing and prospecting, I have experienced over and over and over again how true this really is.

You need to get on the phone knowing that you’ll be talking to a qualified prospect who is prepared for their conversation with you. And you need to know what you want from the conversation. You need to have a clear objective.

It’s not that you should never answer any questions when on the phone with MLM prospects, but they should be limited. You don’t want to have to explain a lot.

And if you’ve set up the appointment correctly, your prospect will have most of their questions answered already anyway – because they’ve read your blog post or FAQ page, and/or watched the video or webinar that you gave them access to.

Bottom Line: Get To Their Pain…Then Close Them!

When you set it up this way, rather than you answering questions, most of the phone conversation will be about you interviewing your prospect. You get them to talk about themselves, get to their PAIN… You just listen.

Is their job stressing them out? Are they losing money in their MLM because they haven’t been taught how to market properly? Don’t have enough time with their kids? Once you know where they are hurting, you can show them exactly how the remedy (your opportunity) can cure their pain.

Hope this was valuable! Next time we’ll cover a few more practical guidelines pertaining to how to have posture with MLM prospects.


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