How Clear Is Your Vision?

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I had the pleasure of hearing two phenomenal multi-millionaire speakers yesterday. One was a guest on my weekly webinar, Christina Dreiling, and one was a guest on Cedrick Harris’ weekly call, Jerry Clark. I can’t tell you how much value and inspiration I got from that. Simply priceless.

Not only hearing them speak, but back to back that way, I made an observation that gave me an AH-HA moment and wanted to share it.

Both of these guys are multi-millioniare success stories in Network Marketing. Both of them shared one key trait that struck me.
When they told their stories, they both shared about how they each had a crystal clear vision of what they wanted WAY before they actually achieved it.

But the thing that stayed with me was how SPECIFIC it was. It wasn’t just “I want to be successful” “I want to be financially free” “I want to be wealthy”…It was specific down to the ittty-bitty details of exactly what those statements looked like. It was so specific, it was as if they saw this vision in a catalog and merely ordered the product they saw in the picture, ya know?

That was one of my take-aways last night.

So, my question to you is:


If your answer is vague, make today the day you start to create the details of YOUR PICTURE OF SUCCESS. Paint it in your mind so clearly that when you describe it to someone, you’ll feel like it’s right there in front of you…and perhaps, if you take CONSISTENT DAILY ACTION in your enterprise, YOU WILL HAVE IT!

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