How Successful People Think

Original post by Lena Bjorna

Successful people think differently… differently than the “Average Joe”. It’s this important topic that I’d like to revisit in today’s post.

Because it’s absolutely critical to understand that to have success in life and business one needs to first start the change on the inside.

Successful People vs. Average Joes
If you have been in this industry even just for a little while and have some experience talking to prospects and recruiting new members to your team, I bet you’ve come in contact with some of these people…

The people that want to always play it completely safe.

Those folks that want to “try” things out before they commit.

“IF it works”, they say, “then I will put myself on the line. Then, I will invest more money and more time. Yadi-yadi-yadi…”

(These people like to talk a lot.)

Successful people, on the other hand – and this is exactly WHY they are successful – commit FIRST, and then they MAKE it work.

Whereas Average Joe takes forever to make a decision and then usually gets cold feet and quickly backs out, successful people are swift to make decisions and slow to change their minds.

Whereas the wannabes just float along, controlled by their feelings, successful people create a plan and stick with it.

Why So Many Fail In Network Marketing

Picture a horizontal line in your mind… All the way over to the left you have everything that is small, safe, average, ordinary, routine, run of the mill. This is the life that everyone dreads (yet it ends up being reality for 99% of people).

Then, all the way over to the right, you have that which is extraordinary, exceptional, memorable, courageous, excellent and admirable.

The vast majority of people think from the left to the right – which is the “natural” way of thinking. They do only what is expected of them. “Slow and steady wins the race”, they try to convince themselves.

They want to stick their toe in the water and see “if the business works”. “If” they start to earn money, then they will reinvest into the business. Then, they will start moving toward the right…but only very slowly, one foot in front of the other, so as to make sure they don’t slip, not even just a little.

Problem is, as long as they think this way, they’ll never have the drive or determination they need to make it to the finish line.

And sure enough, sooner or later (usually sooner) they quit, blaming their sponsor…or the comp plan, or the leadership, or the products, or their parents who gave them such a lousy upbringing.

Before long, they join another opportunity – where, naturally, the whole process repeats itself.

Sound familiar?

Successful People Make The Difficult Choices

The only way you are ever going to succeed in life…the only way you’ll have wealth, time freedom, fulfillment, purpose, influence, the ability to make an impact…is by learning to think from the right to the left.

To do the OPPOSITE of what you’re naturally inclined to do. This is how successful men and women live their lives.

Successful people do that which most people are not willing to do, and that’s also why they achieve what most people will never achieve.

So if you want success in life, that’s where you need to start. And continue. You need to very deliberately and consistently start working on your mindset.

If you haven’t yet done so, make a decision today to leave your comfort zone. Choose to be bigger than your fears.

Today, choose to THINK like a successful person and DO what successful people do, so that in the end you can also HAVE what they have.

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