How to Ask For and Talk to Referrals

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Referrals and How to get them.

Do you ever ask for referrals for your mlm home business?

Are you talking to people about who they know in your network marketing recruiting?

Would you lke to k ow what to say to referrals that you get for your work at home business?

Let’s talk Cold Market Recruiting Referrals-How to Ask and what to say to them when you contact them.

What about mlm REFERRALS? Are you asking for them? are you even aware to ask for them or does it not cross your mind?

Understand this little secret: MLM Referrals are a GOLD MINE for your business. But less than 15% of marketers ever ask for Referrals.

WHAT??? You gotta be kidding me!!!!

Yep. Less than 15% according to But referrals are one of the most powerful prospects that exist. That is 85% of potential great prospects are never contacted nor communciatd with.



It is YOUR cold market, but someone else’s WARM market! So that makes that YOUR “second generation” warm market!

Distributors often get so excited about the prospect wanting to do business or down because they did not want to do business that they simply never think about it.

Emotions blinds the distributor to ask for the referral.

But you need something to remind you to ask for home business referrals!

We had a “Referral Blueprint” that was all about getting 20 referrals a WEEK- and that is only 3 a day. We taught that you ask for one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night. You can get all 3 from one person as well. That was part of our Referral Blueprint.

And it worked. Part of the MLM Referral Blueprint consisted of knowing how to approach the Referral and engage them in a powerful manner, no matter the form of communication. It could be social media, online, mobile call, IM, SMS, or any other form.

What would happen if YOU got 20 referrals a WEEK?

An absolute Explosion of business.

Ok…then what do you DO to start digging this poweful and lucrative gold mine?

The secret to Asking for MLM  Referrals.

Here are some scripts that will get you started:

When you are talking with someone about your business, or to an existing client:

“Let me ask you a question. Do you like to help your friends? Great. I have a powerful way you can help them. You obviously  like my product and I would like to give some friends of yours some free information about the product line < or business>  and I will answer any questions they might have and they can decide if it will help them or not. But with your results so far, I am sure they will see how it can. What 3 names can we get some free information to?”


“Do you have friends that would liketo <lose weight/look younger/double their income etc> as you have stated?I have an idea. Why don’t we get them some free information about the<product> and I would love to share your success story with them. Youreally would be helping them. What 3 names would you want me to get some information to?”

What happens if you get a referral but when you call them, you get a voice mail?

Here is a script for Voice mail for Referrals:

“Lisa, my name is <              > and a mutual friend, MarySmith whom I know very well,  suggestedthat I connect with you as she thoughtthat I could possibly help you. She saidthat you were looking for help with <                      >  and not sure if I can, but would love to connect and explore somepossibilities. Please call me back at 555.1212 and spend a minute together.Heard some great things about you from Mary and look forward to chatting.

What do you say when you actually get a referral on the line?

Here is how you call back a Referral:

“Hey <name>– thanks for < your time, ringing me back>. A great friend of both of ours, MarySmith, suggested that I give you a ring and chat with you for a second because she thought we really would enjoy connecting, and that you were possibly looking for a solution for < problem > A National < skin care, weight loss, etc > company that I now am now a regional leader for, has asked find some people that may be willing to try a couple of products and also to locate a couple ofpeople that I can train to help me get the message out about our products. Marythought that we should chat and maybe even meet as she felt that I might be able to help in some way. Would that be possible to do sometime this week and I would love to show you what I am talking about and give you some freeinformation that has proven to be very valuable to folks for solving some issues they may have with their < weight, skin, income, nutritonal needs, health, etc.”

These are some secrets to getting powerful referrals and what to say when you connect with them for your mlm network marketing home business.

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