How To Attract Business Professionals Into Your Business

hypeAttracting Business Professionals
If I were to think some of the qualities of a great prospect, you would think of the following: influential, has a large network, hard worker, hungry, coachable, able to follow a system, strong leader, affluent….
There are many more qualities that I would add to the list but it seems that many business professionals certainly have many of these qualities.

Some people just don’t know how to really peek a business professional’s interest. Sometimes you get to talk with someone and they seem like a perfect prospect but you never get to know because you didn’t know what to say. Knowing what to say will come with practice but if you want to really reduce the learning curve then get the free audio download of “Recruiting Questions That Work”. These questions are designed to get prospects to chase you(instead of the other way around) and want know about your business.

When you are recruiting for MLM, especially when you are recruiting business professionals, you should look for some of the main reasons that affect your prospects decision to join  and also learn how to draw your prospect to you.

What do avoid
For the most part, avoiding the behaviours that will turn your prospects away will not only increase your chances of recruiting someone, you’ll also be able to attract more high quality people.

The biggest thing to avoid is hype.

The more hypey you sound, the more high quality people you will push away and the more low quality people you will attract.

Hype makes you sound desperate.
It seems that everyone in our profession is using the words ike: ground floor opportunity, break through product, scientifically proven etc. Many people are now immune to hearing words like that it becomes a turn off.

The types of people that you will attract with hype are typically people that are easily swayed by the opinions of others, that will end up leaving when they aren’t making any money and being attracted to the next shiny object 

Confidence Attracts Professionals
People don’t join companies, they join people. If you use hype with a business professional, they may see you as desperate, someone they don’t want to follow and unprofessional.

It’s rare that they would use hype to try to recruit others into their business because they have a professional reputation they want to keep. They deal with other business professionals that would also get turned off by hype.

Once you attract a business professional. Be calm, don’t act weird and smothering Instead use the company tools to show all of the “hype” for you. Let the company tools do all of the explaining for you. Hype from a company tool is more accepted as professional than hype from you.

Attracting business professional can turn your side project from a hobby into a business.

Create a great day!

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