How to Avoid The Biggest Reason Why People Fail At Network Marketing

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Most people join the Network Marketing profession to get financial and time freedom. They don’t join to make a little extra pocket change or to do something “on the side”.

Unfortunately, 90+% of network marketers don’t make ANY money with only a very small percentage make life changing income.

Why do most Network Marketers Fail?
The biggest reason why Network Marketers fail is because they just aren’t doing their absolute best.

They are just “trying it out” and “seeing if it works”

I don’t know why people don’t try their best.
It could be because they just don’t believe in themselves. If you want to build belief then check out this post: 3 Things You Can Do To Build Belief In Your Team (And You)
It could be because they don’t feel worthy, Do This And Get Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

If you just try, just dip your toe in the water you aren’t going to be successful.

The Speech Contest

I’m president of my club of toastmaster’s and public speaking is what I want to do professionally.
I’ve known about this contest for a while but I’ve been procrastinating the preparation.
As the contest approached, I realized that I haven’t been preparing and that I wasn’t ready for the contest.
If was going to be ready, I would have to find some time (that I really didn’t feel like I had) to prepare.

My personal debate:
I thought to myself, maybe I won’t go.
Or maybe, I’ll go but I won’t really try, I won’t prepare and just show up to fulfill an obligation and promise that I made to my club.
At least I’ve done it.

But then I thought to myself, I can win this contest.
There are some great speakers there but I’m a great speaker as well. I want to be a professional speaker. I want to get paid for giving inspirational and motivational speeches from the front of the room.
If I can’t even give it my very best in simple speech contest, then I have no business being a speaker.

If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do my best.

I had about 24 hours to do my best. I practiced my speech, I made sure the timing was right and when I went to the contest, I said to myself, “I may not win but if I do the best that I can do, I’ll be pleased with myself.”

I did do the speech and when I sat down, I was very happy with myself because I felt like I did my very best.

Toastmaster speech contestI also won the contest, I’ll be representing my club and my area at the next level of speeches.
Not only that. I got 3 bookings for paid speaking engagements because people saw me at the contest!!!

Trying your best is intregal to succeeding in Network Marketing

We all say we want to make $10k a month or we want to hit a certain rank or we want to eventually quit our day job but deep down, many of us don’t want it bad enough and so we don’t even try.

We tell others, “I’m just doing this on the side.”

Trying your best in Network Marketing doesn’t have to mean quitting your job and doing it full time.  It does mean that when you ARE working your business, you are doing it with all your heart and soul.  Doing it with everything you’ve got.

If you do your best, and I mean your very best, the Universe (or God or whatever you call your higher power) will take care of the rest.

If you take take care of the inches, the Universe will take care of the miles, you just have to go first.

It’s like playing slow pitch softball with the Universe.

Y’know, those leagues when you get to pitch to your own team? In those leagues, the pitcher isn’t trying to strike the batter out.
Since you are pitching to your own team, the pitcher is giving the softest, slowest, easiest to hit pitch to the batter so that s/he can hit a home run.

It’s your job to give the Universe the best and easy pitch possible so that it can hit that homerun.

You do that by doing your absolute best.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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