How to avoid the number 1 mistake in MLM

MLM Mistake*****
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Most network marketers quit. Most of the people that you recruit are going to quit. They will quit within the first 30 – 90 days of joining your team. The reason that they quit is because they aren’t getting the results that they expected.
They aren’t getting the results they expected because they aren’t talking to enough people.

Most (new) network marketers think that they need to know their script perfectly before they get started. They think they need to study more so they can learn how to invite properly. They think that they need to study more so they present properly. That simply isn’t true.

The big secret to prospecting is simply. realizing that it’s not so much about you. It’s about your prospect. This is a business of sorting not a business of selling or convincing.

Take the pressure off of yourself. It’s more about the mindset of your prospect than it is about the delivery of your script.

You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to do it.

Of course, you want to do it well but I want you to realize that you’ll get better and you’ll learn more about prospecting by actually talking to people rather than studying about it.

Being perfect is overrated. Those who strive to be perfect tend to procrastinate. They never get started. This is why most network marketers quit.. Get perfect by practicing in the field not by studying in your office/library.

Once you know that you don’t have to be perfect you can just set your goal of how many people you will reach out to in a day.

Procrastination is sneaky, it uses perfection into stopping you. It makes you think, “I’m not going to stop working on my dream forever, I’ll just stop working on my dream until I study enough to be good at prospecting.”

Most network marketers with that type of mindset never really get started. They end up quitting. They say that the business doesn’t work. The truth is the business does work. It’s THEM who didn’t work.

Don’t let fall victim to procrastination and and being perfect. Just go out there and talk to your 5 people (or 2 or 10 or whatever you set your goal at) a day. Beat procrastination 1 day at time and before you know it., your business is growing and you are building momentum.

Create A Great Day!

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