How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Using Your Company’s Smart Phone App


MLM Smart Phone AppUsing The Company App To Build Your Network Marketing Business 

Smart Phone Apps are super popular and many network marketing companies have started creating apps as a prospecting tool for their reps to use. I’ve seen a number of the apps by different companies (I’m sure that you have too) and most of them are well made. They serve as a great tool to help you present. There’s often a short video about the products and another video about the opportunity. Some of them are a little bit more creative and personalized.

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I was recently talking to a future coaching client of mine. He said that his company made some scripts for everyone to use. They told him (and everyone else) that if they sent these scripts along with a link to enough people, that they would get sales and sign ups.

He tried it and he sent it to hundreds of people and over half of them did not respond. Some of them even texted back and asked if he was hacked. They interpreted the message as spam!

I even recently got together with a leader of an MLM company that I`m familiar with. After we set our appointment to get together and visit, she sent me this message:
app share
“It will be great to see you Kenny. Please check out our (company name) mobile app. Just introduced last week. Really excited about the possibilities. Download this… (link) Let me know what you think.”

This was surprising because  she is THE LEADER in her city for her MLM company yet she was still sending me an unsolicited link.  When we were talking on the phone, she mentioned the new app and we talked briefly about it, but I didn’t ask about it or request to see it.  Sending an app over text, private message or email is just like sending an unsolicited link. For the most part, it’s recognized as spam.

If you want to use your company’s app to grow your business, then don’t ruin it by spamming it everywhere or by sending it in a message if your prospect isn’t expecting it.

Your company has spent a lot of money and time making the app for you to use so you can grow your business. Don’t mess it up.

Here are 2 ways that you can use your app to grow your business.

Presentation Tool
When you meet with your prospect, instead of using a flip chart or showing them a slide show presentation on your tablet, use your app. Let the app do all of the selling and telling for you.

This does a couple of things:
1. It makes the process easy to duplicate. If everyone is using the same app and showing the same videos, then every prospect is seeing the same presentation.

2. It keeps the presentations short. Most of the videos on each app are short and they are designed so you only have to show 2 -3 of them. Once you do that, the presentation is over and you can go into the closing process. If you are using a slide show, some people may say just a couple sentences on each slide while others may take 5-10 mins per slide. It can really make presentations long.

3. It shows the prospect how easy it is to present. This is the biggest benefit of using an app. They might be thinking, “All I have to do is show people these videos on the app? That’s easy! I can do that!” If you are a good presenter and you are using a slide show, your prospect might not join simply because they think they can’t present well. However, if you let the app do all the talking, they’ll think that they can copy the process and are more likely to join.

The second way to use an app is to build curiosity.
Send your warm market a message but send them a message that makes them curious as to what the app is.
The big secret… Make them ask for the link.

If your company is about anti aging your message might look like this:
“Hey, did you see that new app that shows you how to get rid of wrinkles? It’s amazing isn’t it?”

If your company is about weight loss/health and wellness.
Your message might look like this
“I didn’t tell you but I’ve been using this app that shows me how lose weight and inches. I’ve lost 5 lbs in 6 days.”

If your prospect is interested, then they will ask how they can get the app. If they don’t ask, then they don’t want it. They won’t buy or sign up even if they see the app so don’t bother sending it.

Did you get value from that? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Create A Great Day!

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