How To Clear The Path For Abundance And Wealth

gratitudeGratitude Has Power
Gratitude is important because it makes you feel better. Feelings and emotion are important because that is how you communicate with the Universe. If you feel wealthy, the Universe will “hear” that and it will deliver to you. Also if you feel wealthy you will act accordingly and attract more wealth into your life.

It is time to create. It is time to divorce the negative emotions that run so many people’s lives. Shift your negative emotions to positive (regardless of your circumstances). IF you are in a really bad part in your life, this may just save your life. I want you understand exactly how to get more results out of every single action in your life and how to live positively even with negative people in your immediate life

Feeling Grateful
Sometimes we may feel stuck in a rut and the last thing we want to do is sit down and count our blessings. When we are feeling bad is the best time to start feeling grateful and express gratitude because it feeling grateful can have the power of making you feel better.

If you are in a low point in your life it may be hard to express gratitude. Maybe you just lost everything, or your spouse left you or just got evicted… There are so many reasons why we are not feeling good.

You Are Richer Than You Think
I ran into this exercise, I tried it out and it’s very powerful.
I wish that I knew about this particular exercise, when I lost everything back in 2008. It would have been able to cope better.

1. Write out 10 things that you are grateful for.
2. Repeat everyday for 10 days each day writing 10 new things that you are grateful for. You should have 100 different things that you are grateful for.
3. On the 10th day, look over your list and assign a dollar amount to each thing that you are grateful for.

Most of the things are list, you’ll find that you cannot assign a dollar value to. They are priceless.
How much are your family worth to you?
How much are your friends worth to you?
How about your arms, legs or eyes?
How much would you sell each of the above for?
These items are just too important. They are near and dear to our hearts. They are simply not for sale.

If you had to put a price on these items, you would be a billionaire.

Feelings Lead To Actions
Doing this simple exercise will reprogram your mind and you will feel wealthier. When you feel wealthier, you feel better and you take bigger actions.

We all know that you change your results you have to change your actions. 
Action is 1 of the 3 things that you need to do to attract abundance. 

To change your results, you have to change your actions, to change your actions change your feelings.

Change your feelings with this awesome gratitude exercise.

Create a great day!

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