How to connect with your prospect using the power of silence

silence-is-goldenThe Power of Silence

Have you ever considered the power of silence when you are prospecting and recruiting for you network marketing business?

You’ve probably heard that in network marketing that silence is golden or that were given 2 ears and 1 mouth so we should be listening twice as much as we talk.

Silence in Closing
A lot of us were taught to use the power of silence after you ask a closing a question.
“It sounds like you are ready to get started.”
After I’ve asked a closing question like that, I’ve sat there and just let my prospect talk themselves into the business.

“I don’t know. I want to do this but I should really talk to my wife. But then again she’ll probably really like it. When I do get started, I know a bunch of people that I could show this too. It’s a great product. Hmmm, I think that I’ll get started… Y’know what? Let’s do this! I want to get started! How do I get started?”

Before I really understood the power of silence, I would have interrupted my prospect during that process and it could have blown the sale.

I’ve also asked a closing question and sat there in silence between me and my prospect.
After a while it’s gets awkward. Don’t let the awkwardness get the best of you. In that moment of silence, your prospect is thinking about whether he or she should get started so let them think.
Sometimes they just blurt out, “Yes, I’m ready!”
Sometimes they after a couple of minutes they start to talk aloud and talk themselves into starting like in the example above.
And sometimes they’ll bring up an objection.
Silence is golden and it’s powerful

Silence in Prospecting
It more powerful while you are prospecting, recruiting and presenting.
As you build rapport with your prospect, you’ll learn some of their pleasures and their pains.
Silence is a great tool to really connect with your prospect.

You might just push on one of their “pain” buttons a little bit and then stay quiet.
If they mention that they don’t like their job or their boss, just ask them, “How long will you be there for?” and be silent.

Let that pain and realization stew in their soul for a bit.

Silent Words
Then I use what I call “silent words”
These are words that don’t really say anything but they make your prospect think and they are very powerful at making a connection with your prospect.

listenAfter your prospect answers your question, keep pushing on that “pain” (or pleasure) button.
Use silent words.
“Really, tell me more about that.”
“Wow. Anything else.”
“What will happen if you keep doing that?”

Network marketers think that people join because the prospect likes the company, or the comp plan or the CEO. The real reason that they join is because they like YOU!
Use the power of silence and let your prospect talk. Make it about them and not about the company. They will think that you are the coolest person on the planet because no one really listens to them like you do. No one really talks to them like you do. No one really connects with them like you do.

Don’t be afraid to use the power of silence and harness it to gather information and also build relationships and bonds with your prospect. It’s a powerful tool.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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