How to deal with frustration on the journey to success

success-is-a-journey1Stopping Frustration
Are you frustrated because you haven’t achieved your goals as fast as you like?

You’ve probably heard that success is process.

If you are like me, then you have been frustrated with the process.
I caught myself the other day, thinking about where I am in life and how I would like to be further and about some of the mistakes that I’ve learned from in the past. I thought to myself, “I wish I knew that then. I could’ve saved myself a lot of frustration.”

Luckily, I have learned to be patient with myself. I wasn’t always like that. I used to be very upset and yell at myself in the mirror when I didn’t make a goal or feel like I have failed or felt frustrated. If you’ve done that, you realize that sort of behavior just doesn’t serve you.

I’ve learned to really appreciate the growth and the lessons that I’ve picked up rather than get frustrated with myself.

Success is going to take longer than you think
If most people knew how long success would take, they might not have gotten started. Some people end up quitting when they find out how hard it is. The warriors and the champions feel like they have already gone too far to turn back when they find out that the road is much longer than they originally thought.

What success really looks like

If you get the goal to fast, you will just lose it

We heard the stories about lottery winners lose that lose it within in 5 years. They didn’t lose it because they are stupid. The fact is MOST people will lose their jackpot within 5 years. The reason is because most people just don have the financial stewardship to keep the money.

On the other side of the table are those that earned it. If you earn it, you are more likely to keep it and if you do happen to lose it then you’ll be able to get it back very quickly. That’s why we hear about a billionaire name Trump can go bankrupt but be back to being a billionaire again within 2 years.

If you earn your success, you’ll also develop the stewardship to keep your success. If you ever lose your success, you’ll be able to get it back quite quickly because you’ve done it before and you know how it’s done.

How do you stop the frustration?
To stop the frustration, you need to realize that the  price for success is becoming a better person

Just like a child has to grow taller to reach a book on the shelf or to open a door knob, you have to grow as a person to reach your goals. Both will take time, effort and patience.

If you are frustrated, then try on the possibility that you may be missing out on a lesson.  Give your self a break.     You have to give yourself time to grow.

Be patient with your results.
There are some who take it to the extreme:
“Since success is a process, I’ll just take my sweet time. I really won’t try that hard. Instead of calling my warm market or prospecting, I’ll just watch some company videos and read some books.”

If all you do is study, you won’t get very far.

Be patient with your with your results but not patient with your actions.

You have to get through a lot of work to find success. You have a lot of learning and growth to do. The learning and growth come through action.

Yes you can read more or study more, to enhance your growing but the best learning comes in the experience.

It’s like riding a bike.
You can read all of the books you want. You can study videos if you like but you won’t learn how to ride a bike until you actually get on the bike a ride it.

Create a great day!

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