How to deal with the MLM Skeptics

haters-quotesWhen you are prospecting for your MLM business, you are going to encounter people who are skeptical about MLM.

If you haven’t found these people yet, then you are not prospecting enough.

Why are they so skeptical or even cynical about MLM?
Who knows for sure, maybe:
1. They got talked into join an MLM company and they were given false expectations.
2. One of their close friends and family members got “burned” by MLM.
3. They joined an MLM and their upline didn’t help them, or their company shut down.
4. They joined an MLM and they didn’t get the proper training because their upline didn’t follow the system.
5. Maybe they are just closed minded.

Who knows what the reason is but what is most important is how you respond to someone that is skeptical about MLM.

Most people get very defensive. They say things like, “Jobs suck” or “MLM isn’t a pyramid, corporate america is the real pyramid.”
They get into an argument which doesn’t help their case.
Many of the skeptics WANT to get you worked up an into an argument.
Imagine that you are at a social gathering with a group of people that all have jobs. If you get into an argument with an MLM skeptic and say “jobs suck” who’s side will do you think will look like they join? Who’s going to look like they “lost” the argument?

You don’t accomplish anything by arguing with the skeptics.
If you give a response like that, then not only will not recruit the MLM skeptic but you’ll also not have any chance of recruiting anyone in the group.

What if you keep your cool?
Things can turn out very different.
Imagine if instead of putting down jobs and getting into an argument, you say something like this:
“You are right MLM isn’t for everyone, it’s for someone that wants a change. Do you know anyone that wants to make some extra cash if I showed them step by step how to do it?”

This really surprises an MLM skeptic. They are expecting you to get riled up. This diffuses the situation.

The response is asking for a referral but you probably won’t get one on the spot but what may happen is this.

When the dust settles, either the skeptic or maybe one of the bystanders may pull you aside and say that they do want a change and that they want to learn more.

That would never happen if you got into an argument and said “jobs” suck.

What matters most, isn’t that you might find someone that is interested but that you kept the psychological power. That you didn’t give in. It’s easy to get into an argument but it takes control to respond with poise and keep your cool. You don’t want to convince an mlm skeptic to come to a meeting or join your team. They would just bring bad energy with them.

Why is it so important to keep the psychological power?
It’s important because you want to maintain a positive state of mind. If you get worked up, it could affect your whole day of prospecting. Your whole day! From someone that you don’t even want on your team in the first place. If you keep getting into arguments, instead of affecting your business in just the¬†short term, it could affect your business in the long term and you may end up quitting.

So in the end keep cool and don’t argue with the haters. If you argue with them, they “win”.

Create a great day!

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