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faithHow To Develop Faith
Do you have Faith in your creator?
If your answer is no, then I am unable to assist you with this blog post.

This post is for those that already have Faith but they sometimes forget that they do. This post is also for me to read whenever I temporarily lose my way and need to be reminded that the Universe does indeed have my back.

Don’t Bother Trying
If you don’t think that the Universe has your back,then why are you even trying? The Universe has blessed you with certain talents and ideas and it wants you to thrive in this life.

In order for you to reach your goal, there are certain things that need to happen that are beyond your control. You could do everything right but the Universe could create circumstance that would block you from your goal. It could appear as an untimely traffic jam or even a hurricane or anything in between and there is nothing you can do about it. That means that ultimately, your fate isn’t in your hands. But really it is. . Let me explain.

lion-movie-imageLION (spoiler alert)
I recently watched the movie LION you may have heard of it. It’s a true story about a young boy named Saroo who gets separated from his family in India. He gets adopted by an Australian couple and then over 20 years later, against all odds he gets reunited with his family.

Like many, I already knew the outcome of the story because it was in the news a couple of years ago jut it didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the film.

Impossible Odds
The point is this, the odds of Saroo finding his village and family where small. He was found in Calcutta and he didn’t even know the name of his town. He was so young that he didn’t know his own mother’s name. It was just Mom. He remembers waking up on a train and being on it for 2 days. Think of how many towns and villages the train must have passed in that time. When Saroo started his search, he calculated the speed of the trains at that time to determine how far he could have traveled. Then he drew a radius around Calcutta. Even when he saw how vast the area was he used google earth and started to search. He searched for years in a very systematic way. Yet, even after years, it was only a small fraction of the entire area. He could have searched his entire life and not been finished. Time was also not on his side. He wanted to be reunited with his mother and he didn’t if she know how much longer she had to live or if she was even alive.

Saroo searched and searched for years and years and as each day passed he got more and more frustrated until he was on the verge of quitting. Then one day, he started to randomly click on the map. With tears in his eyes, he just started clicking until one of the clicks was something that he vaguely recognized. He found his village. The Universe helped him and against all odds he found home.

You Need Help
Saroo did everything right but he wouldn’t have been able to find home unless the Universe had helped him. You too can do everything right but if the Universe doesn’t do it’s part, you are doomed.

The Universe will not toy with you.

The good news is this. The Universe will help you but only if you are willing to help yourself first. You can’t just sit back and expect the Universe to deliver what ever it is you want. You must take action.

“If you want the Universe to do all it can, with all it has from where it is, then you have to do all you can, with all you have from where you are.” ~Mike Dooley

Saroo worked hard to find his family and home. He did it to the point of frustration and almost quitting. He did everything he could with all he had from where he was and when he did that, the Universe in turn did all it could with all it had from where it was.

1505381_10154724258615125_8215113371447660560_nMake A Deal With The Universe
The Universe will do the hard part. If you here about someone winning the lottery, all they did was buy the ticket. That’s easy. The Universe made the numbers match. That’s the hard part.
What ever your goal is you have to do the easy part which is the work. The Universe has to align the starts and make everything else go exactly right. That’s the hard part.

If you want to reinforce your Faith in the Universe go watch the movie LION or any other story where someone beats almost impossible odds. You’ll see that the main character of the story did the easy part which is the work and the Universe did the hard part.

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