How To Finally Change Your Life For The Better, Forever With Only 2 Incredibly Powerful Words

Change Your Life
Recently, a very dear friend of mine posted a status update. Now this friend of mine is someone that seems to be doing. everything right. He lives in a great home with a lot of land in the country, he has a thriving real estate business where he is helping homeowners out of tough situations and walking new investors through their first real estate deals. He travels the world on vacation and he travels the country as a speaker. But part of the update that he posted was about his mindset. He wrote:

“For some reason after what was an amazing day with great people I allowed my mind to dive deep into self deprecating thoughts. If I’m being honest I think the end of my relationship finally hit me. All the emotions surfaced and I started to question my own self worth. My mind went into these crazy thoughts about how maybe I’m just not cut out to keep a good woman or have a family.”

Shortly before that another person posted a status update on fb that asked,

“In 4 words or less, what’s the best piece of advice that you’ve received?”

There were many answers like
-never give up
-don’t quit
-trust the process

All of these are very good pieces of advice, but the advice that I suggested was:

Love Yourself

These 2 status updates, are related. You can seem to have “everything” but if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be happy. I know it sounds cliche but if you don’t love yourself, you’ll always feel like something is missing. The only way to find the final piece is to love yourself.

2 wonderful things happen when you finally commit to loving yourself.

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1. You Can Be Real
You don’t have to pretend. With the invention of social media, many people try to make their life look better than it really is. They post pictures of their “amazing” life but they hide what they are ashamed of or they hide all of the obstacles and tough times.

When you love yourself, you don’t hide the tough times.

A friend of mine named Amy is going through some hard times but instead of whining about on Facebook or pretending that things are are perfect by only showing the good parts of her life, she is letting all of her friends know what’s happening. It must be freeing for Amy to love herself enough that she doesn’t have to pretend and that she has support. She would have never had the support she did if she hid the truth.

2. You’ll Stop Self Sabotaging Yourself
Many people think that they will love themselves once the “earn it.”

Once they become rich, then they’ll love themselves.
Once they lose weight, then they’ll love themselves.
Once they get married and have a family, then they’ll love themselves.
Once they do xyz, then they will love themselves.

What they don’t realize is that they have it backwards. If only they loved themselves first, it would allow them to be rich, healthier, in love or more successful.

When you love yourself you start to play big in all aspects of your life. You stop procrastinating. You start taking action.  When you finally love yourself, you stop all of the unconscious self sabotage and start making progress towards your dreams.

I’m not saying that my Facebook friend is unconsciously self sabotaging his love life but it’s certainly a possiblity.

My Story Of Self Love
This past year has been about the realization of self love. One of the measurable results that I have gotten simply because I decided to love myself has been in my health.

I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and inches from my body. Every morning I wake up and I work out. I don’t want to work out everyday but every time I think about skipping my workout “just for today”, I tell myself, “If you really love yourself, you’ll work out.” I haven’t skipped a day in almost a year and that includes birthdays, vacations and holidays.

I’ve been eating healthier too. Sometimes I want junk food. Just yesterday I was at a fast food restaurant, intending to enjoy a nice juicy burger but I told myself, “If you really love yourself, you won’t eat junk and you find something healthy.”

All it takes is a decision to love yourself and treat yourself like you love yourself, for your life to change drastically in short period of time.

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