How To Find Time For MLM Prospecting When You Are Busy

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting
Do you realize that if your talked to just 1 person a day about your business, you would be taking more action than 90% of network marketers?
If you talked to just 5 people each day, it would add up to 150 people per month. If you talked to 10 people each day, it would add up to 300 people per month. If you talked to that many people, how much faster would your business grow?

No Time
I know what some of you are thinking,
“Kenny, I would love to do that but I just don’t have time to prospect.”

One of my coaching clients said that so I challenged him to prospect 1 person a day and see if he could fit it into his schedule.

The next week he said that prospecting was easier than he thought so we raised his daily goal to 5 people.

The week after that, he said that it was “easy breezy” to talk to 5 people a day. As a matter of fact on some days, he prospects 20 or 30 people.

It Gets Easier And Fun
When you first start prospecting, you might be nervous about it, you might have to “get ready” to make calls. In the past, I would have to “get ready” by clearing some time on the calendar, getting my list of leads, getting my scripts ready and then psyching myself up enough to make calls.

But once you get comfortable, you can make calls while doing other things. Just last week the same coaching client that said he didn’t have time to make calls can now make calls while making a sandwich, walking his dog or even driving (just as long as he is hands free).

He went from being nervous about calling to being so comfortable about MLM prospecting that it’s part of his daily life. And for him it happened in just 10 days! Keep in kind that the first 7 or those 10 days he was making just one call a day.

What Do I Say?
Part of the reason why MLM prospecting takes so long for network marketers is because they talk too much and they don’t know what to say. You must learn how to say less to more people. If your company doesn’t have a script for you, then try using some of the lines from “Network Marketing Questions That Work” it’s a free audio that will get the right prospects to chase you and WANT to know more details about your business! Get it here:

It’s not about making time it’s about finding time.
Let’s say that you have a job and you have 2 15 minute breaks and 30 mins for lunch.

You can easily make 1 call during each 15 minute break (the call won’t be that long especially if they don’t answer or quickly say no) and you can make 3 calls during your lunch. That’s 5 calls and you didn’t even have to make time. It really isn’t that big of a deal to make the calls. You can do them while you are reading the paper, doing a crossword or making/eating a sandwich.

My coaching client used to think he didn’t have time for MLM prospecting now he knows that even with his busy schedule he can easily prospect 10 or lore each day.

I used to think I was too busy to make MLM prospecting calls but early today, I prospected 8 people. 4 were not interested and other 4 will review the information. I have appointments to follow up with 2 of them tonight and the other 2 tomorrow.

What did I do during those calls? I made a sandwich and then I ate it. I would have had to take the time to make my lunch and eat it anyway. But, I found a simple way to make the calls at the same time.
How cool is that?

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Create A Great Day!

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