How To Find Your Passion When You Simply Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life

find your passionFind Your Passion
I am one of those that believe that if you don’t enjoy the journey then you can’t reach your full potential. There are many who think that they just need to “want it bad” and that will be enough to give them the drive and the determination to succeed. It’s easy to start a journey and have a strong reason why you want to be successful and to have a “why that makes you cry” but many of the journeys that only start with a strong why end up in failure. You must also love the journey. You won’t like all parts of the journey but you have to like the process as well the destination.

Do you think that Michael Jordan would have become a superstar if he didn’t like basketball? It wasn’t enough that he wanted to become great, he also had to enjoy the journey (which in his case was playing basketball)

The same can be said for Justin Timberlake. It’s not enough that he was a great performer and that he was willing to work his butt off to achieve success. Yes he “wanted it bad” but that isn’t enough. He had to love performing otherwise he wouldn’t have put in the hours of practice and honing that is needed to become great.

How To Find Your Passion
If you are like me then you’ve researched different techniques on find your passion. Your passion lies within the skills that you enjoy doing and also what you are also good at.

But it isn’t enough just to make a list of what you are good at and also make a list of the things you enjoy and think about what your passion should be from the overlap of those 2 lists.

No, you must try those skills out and see if they are something that you are truly passionate about.

Passion means willing to suffer for.

A mother is passionate about her children because she will suffer for them. She will go hungry and lose sleep just to make sure that they are taken care of.

The Olympic athlete is passionate about their sport as they will miss out on some late night partying and wake up early (even if they are tired) so they can get up and practice.

Are you willing to suffer for your passion?

One of the things that I found out that I was willing to suffer for is gardening (who knew that I would love it so much?)

This past weekend, I was sick in bed with a headache, a terrible cough, stuffy nose and severe fatigue. I didn’t want to do anything but sleep.

But even as I lay in bed, just wanting to get some sleep, all I could think about were the tomato seedlings I had just bought. They could have waited a day or 2 for me to feel better so I could plant them. But I still got up and went to the garden and fought off the headache, the stuffy nose, the cough and the fatigue so I dig in the dirt and sweat.


It wasn’t for the tomatoes, I don’t think my tomato plants would yield more fruit if I planted them a day or 2 earlier. It was simply because I had passion for the process. I was willing to suffer so I could garden. I enjoy gardening. Both the process and the goal (which is the harvest.)

Live With Passion
To find your passion, you must live with passion. That means focusing on the task at hand and seeing how much fulfillment you get from it. It also means trying new things and finding out how much you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) doing them.

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thought “~Marie Forleo

You can learn more about finding your passion buy listening to this quick 5 minute podcast by Marie Forleo.

Take action and you may find that something that you try is your passion. You may love it so much that you are willing to suffer just do be able to do it. Or you may find that it isn’t a good fit. That’s ok too because at least you’ll know and you won’t spend anymore time wondering.

What Are You Willing To Suffer For?

Willing to suffer for: Just like the fishing enthusiast is willing to lose sleep and wake up early to get out while the fish are biting. He isn’t put there just catch fish, he mostly out there because he loves fishing.

Willing to suffer for: Just like the author is willing to skip meal or 2 because he is so engrossed in his writing that he simply fights off the hunger or forgets that he is even hungry. He isn’t doing it so he can finally be finished with his book so he can sell it and make a lot of money. He does mostly because he loves to write.

If you haven’t made your 2 lists of things you are good at and things that you enjoy doing, then I invite you to make those lists.

Once you’ve made those lists, it simply isn’t enough to think about the items on those lists to determine what your passion is. Start doing things from those lists and engage in them and find out what you are willing to suffer for.

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