How To Follow Your Dreams Even If You Don’t Feel Ready

Follow Your DreamsFollow Your Dreams
Let’s face it. If you are like most people then you have put a project or 2 on hold because you don’t feel ready. Maybe you think you’ll make a mistake. Or maybe you feel like you are just not talented enough or maybe you think that you might not like it as much as you thought and that you will change your mind.

Don’t worry about any of things happening because they most certainly will. And when they do happen it will be ok.

Of course you will make mistakes, of course you will stink. Do you want to know why? It’s because you are a human and you are just getting started.

Do you think that Michael Jordan made is first basket ball shot?

Every master was once a beginner.

It won’t be as easy or as fun as you thought it might be. You might find out that there are necessary parts to your journey that just are not worth it to you and you’ll change course and choose a different destination. If you do choose a different destination and goal then at least you won’t be spending anymore time on a goal and dream that just isn’t a good fit for you.

Making Mistakes
Many people falsely believe that the road to success is in not making any mistakes but mistakes are part of the process. The real enemy to success isn’t mistakes. The real enemy to success is procrastination and lack of action. Action is the cure to fear. Action starts momentum especially if it is consistent action. Action allows you to make progress.

start-1414148_960_720Get Started
If you don’t think that you are ready to follow your dreams then the best thing to do is get started.

Putting it off, procrastinating or quitting will not get you to your dreams any faster.

Waiting until the perfect time will take forever because there is no perfect time. There will always be something that comes up whether it’s a friend’s wedding or a family emergency. There will always be something that comes up and tries to deter you from your goals and taking action.

So take a deep breath get ready to stink up the place (at the beginning and until you get better at least), make mistakes and just get started.

Opportunity doesn’t only knock when you are ready.

Just get started.

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