How To Get Paid For Being You

be-yourself-quotes-2Would you love to get paid for being you?
Getting paid for being you… doesn’t that sound fantastic?
I recently attended a seminar by Farley Flex.
If you don’t know who is, don’t worry because neither did I.
He is a speaker, was judge on Canadian Idol, the agent for Maestro Fresh Wes among other things
His seminar was about “How to monetize your speaking career”

He brought up some great points that can not only be applied to public speaking but can also be applied to anything in life.

If you want to get really paid for being you. You need 2 things.

1.  You can’t pretend.
You can’t put on a character or put on a fake voice.
While you are at your job if you are putting on a character then you aren’t being yourself.
If you are at party, or going on a first date or meeting someone for the first time and you feel like you have to act differently before they get to really know you, then you aren’t being yourself.
People can sense when you are being fake.
Imagine if you a waiter at a restaurant recommended a dish for you with vivid adjectives and told you that he loved it and later you found out it was all an act. He’s a vegetarian and wouldn’t even eat that dish.

If you have to put on act and you can’t be your real self around people, not only are you lying to them, you are lying to yourself.

If you can be you without the need to impress or feel embarrassed, you can be free.

2.  Love What You Do
The second step to getting paid for being you is to do what you love to do.
Don’t look for a profession that you think will pay you well.
Look for a profession that you are passionate about.
Maybe it’s playing the guitar, maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s singing.
Do it with all your heart, don’t be afraid to do it in front of others.
Think about your favorite singers or your favorite dancers or your favorite public speakers.
They all do it with everything they have. They do it with passion.

It doesn’t even have to be something that’s performed.
When I think of my favorite nurses (I used to be a nurse), I think of those that did it with all their hearts. You could tell that they loved their jobs.

1 be youOnce you find your passion, do it as much as you can.
I’m not saying that you need to quit your current job if you have one, I’m saying that what ever your passion is, do it. Even if it’s for free and you do it part time. If you are trully passionate about it, you’ll do it every chance you get. If you like to sing, dance or play an instrument then take the time to do it everyday. If you are given a chance to perform (even if it’s for free) whether it’s at a venue, at a party with friends or even just on a park bench then do it! While you are out there doing what you love, get lost in your passion and do it with all of your heart because you never know who might notice you and give you an opportunity to further your passion as a career.

Farley told us a story that he was at a party. He wasn’t “known” yet and he was just being himself. A gentleman pulled him aside and offered him a speaking gig. Imagine that! He was promoting himself as a speaker, he was just being himself and talking with passion.

Monetize your passion
All of the passions that I’ve talked about so far have been things that you can get paid to do. What if you feel like you can’t be paid for your passion. Maybe your passion is being a great parent or maybe it’s running. No matter what your passion is, there is a way to get paid for it. An great example is that you can blog about your passion. There are many successful bloggers that just write about what they love. If you feel like you can’t write (trust me you can), then do video blogs. If you feel like you can’t be an authority, don’t worry, if you are trully passionate about what you do, you’ll (surprisingly) have more expertise than others simply because it’s something that you love. You’ll have spent a lot of time studying about your passion because you love it. Besides,  if you really don’t feel like an expert, don’t pretend to be.   Take your readers on your journey from amateur to professional.  People love stories like that.    You don’t have to blog, you can write a book about your passion, you can do book reviews about your passion, you can do so many things to monetize your passion.

Find your purpose
If you are not at a job that makes you inspired when you wake up and fulfilled when you leave, then you are not living your purpose. You were put on this earth to do more than pay bills and die. You have a purpose and if you are not chasing your passion, you are not living your purpose. I hope that you have the courage to look for it. I trust that you will chase it because once you start living your purpose, you will get paid for being you.

Create a great day!

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