How To Get Private Money For Real Estate Investing – Step Three

OK, you have taken the first two steps in the process of getting private money for real estate investing. First, you developed a Business Plan to give to your prospective lenders. Next, you created a Lender Fact Sheet, outlining exactly what you are looking for from a private lender. Time for Step Three.

The major question on your lender?s mind is, ?What?s in it for me?? Everybody asks that question when they consider parting with their hard earned money, and your prospective lenders are no exception. You have answered that question by giving them your Business Plan and Lender Fact sheet, showing them the rate of return they can expect. They have only one major question left.

How is my interest protected?

You see, people are motivated to do things, or NOT do them, for all sorts of emotional reasons. Fear is one of the most powerful. To be successful getting people to loan you private money for real estate investing, you must help them to see that they have nothing to fear by lending you the money. You must allay their fears and doubts.

This is accomplished by using a Security Agreement, both in your Lender Information packet (alongside your Business Plan and Lender Fact Sheet) and attached to every one of your private notes as they are created for each deal.

Your Security Agreement tells your prospective lender that their money is secured by the value of the real estate you are buying. In other words, they will have a lien against the title of the property filed with the proper government authorities. You will personally file the security documents in each and every private lending transaction, and you will provide certified copies to your lender. Their investment will always be backed by the real estate.

Since you have already demonstrated to them, through your Business Plan, that you have a track record of ALWAYS buying value, and NEVER overpaying for property, your prospect will be able to clearly see that their interest is protected, and they have nothing to fear.

Step three in getting all the private money for real estate investing you will ever need? Develop a Security Agreement.

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