How To Get Prospects To Chase you


Have you ever crossed paths with seems to be the “perfect prospect” but you didn’t know what to say and you feel like you screwed up and lost a sale?

I’ll go into a little bit of detail here but if you want to hear a more in depth audio about the subject, be sure to get a free copy of my mp3 audio download “Recruiting Questions That Work”  It’s designed to to get the right types of prospects to chase you instead of trying convince them to buy or join your team.

Qualify, Qualify Qualify
The most important thing to understand when you are talking to a prospect is to stop trying to convince them that you have something that they want.
Do you ever wonder why the spammers on social media can’t build a team? They often have status updates that say something like:

Join my team now! Save your spot!

Leaders aren’t attracted when your opportunity is come one come all. They would rather be part of something exclusive that they have to be invited to.

Putting the “everyone is included” type of message does attract people but it attracts lower quality people. People that you don’t really want on your team and people that will probably jump ship when they see another “everyone is included” type of message somewhere else.

High school
In high school, there is sometimes a girl that will sleep with anyone. You don’t have to qualify, she has an open door “everyone is included” message.
What kind of people does she attract? Does she attract the leaders or does she attract the bottom feeders?
Don’t let your business be like that girl.

Be exclusive
Instead of talking about why your product is so good or why your opportunity is so good, find out if your prospect is any good.
The moment you start qualifying people they stand straighter and they start telling you why they are appropriate for your team.
If they put up any resistance, don’t be afraid to turn it around on them.

I tried this but…
What if they say,
“I’ve tried something like this a couple times before and it didn’t work.”

The typical network marketer usually says something like this.
“We we are different, we have a better comp plan and a better product the timing is right because we are ground floor…”

Resist the urge to convince them and qualify them instead.

You tried something like this? A couple times? Maybe you won’t be a good fit, why would this be any different?

Think about it…
What if they say,
“I want to think about it.” 

A typical network marketer will say,
“OK, when do you think you can make a decision?”

and then they’ll try to set a follow up appointment.

That actually isn’t a bad approach but what if you said this:

“That’s fine take all the time you need, there are probably hundreds of videos online that you can review. I want you to do your due diligence. I want you to absolutely sure that this is a good fit for you because we put a lot of time and effort into training our team members to ensure they have the best chance for success.”

Turn The Tables Around

Don’t seek to impress, seek to be impressed.

Most of the time when you turn the tables around, they a will try to impress you.
They’ll say something like.
“Well I’m at a time in my life where I really need to make a change, I ready to work hard and I’m in a different mind frame right now. I’ve been reading a lot of books and….”

Do you see how much easier it is to recruit someone when all of a sudden, they are trying to convince you to let them on your team?

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