How to grow superstars in your team


time to inspireThe best way to inspire your team.

When you start getting a team, you feel like you are getting some momentum.
You might think to yourself: “If Bob, and Tim and Suzy start to get things going then I’m gonna advance ranks, get some bonuses and even qualify for some trips. I can’t wait for that to happen!”

Many network marketers don’t know what to do to inspire their team to take action.
The want to leverage their team so they switch from prospecting and recruiting mode into teaching and training mode.

They set up some team trainings or maybe some team calls.
They find some inspirational videos on youtube or recommend some great books.
These can be great to inspire your team, but they are not great to inspire your team to take action.
Once you start focusing on teaching and training, your recruiting will slow down and your business can start to tank right at the moment that you are gaining some momentum.

It would be great if all you had to do was recruit a handful of people and then “crack the whip” and watch them build your business but it just doesn’t work that way.

Inspire your team with this
Inspire your team with action and results. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing to build your team and lead by example.
Monkey see monkey do.

They won’t do what you tell them to do unless they also see you doing it.

If you take the foot off the gas so that you can teach and train, so will they.
Your business will slow down and when they see that, they will lose Faith.
They might end up quitting.

However, if you keep your foot on the gas and you keep prospecting and recruiting, your business will continue to build. Your downline will see that and they will be inspired to take action as well.

Would my business be growing as fast as I would like to to grow if all of my team worked on their business EXACTLY like I worked on mine today?

This is a powerful question to ask yourself.  It really puts all of the responsibility on you.  If all you do is procrastinate and watch youtube videos  and study your product and your comp plan, then you’ll know why your business isn’t growing.

Work on your business as hard as you want your team to work.

Do it without them
I’m not saying to leave them in the dust. You should certainly help those that deserve your help. But if you can advance ranks, get recognized on stage and qualify for trips, your team will have more faith that the system that you told them to follow actually works. They are more likely to take action and your business will grow even further.

The best part is that you are teaching duplication. Once they are advancing ranks, they will (hopefully) follow your lead, they won’t slow down to teach and train, they’ll keep prospecting and recruiting and be an example to their downline.

Help the hungry not the needy
They will be some teammates that say they are motivated but they aren’t. You want success for them more than they do. You may be tempted to spend more time with them. You think that they need extra teaching or training to get motivated.
Don’t do it.

If they don’t get inspired by watching you and other teammate succeed, then sending them youtube videos or providing extra training won’t inspire them to take action either.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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