How To Leverage The Law Of Reciprocity To Get More Sales

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I saw a picture on facebook that was quite up lifting for me.
It was a picture of a gas station.

They had a simple sign facing a children’s hospital that said, “Get well soon”

beauty-all-around-us-good-people-3I looked at the picture and thought, “That simple act of kindness probably brings them more sales.” When the patients and parents are leaving the hospital and they have a choice of which gas station to go to, if the other gas station(s) are about the same distance away, and have about the same prices, which gas station will the parents and patients choose to go to?
Even if the gas station with the sign is a little bit out of the way or costs little bit more, the parents and patients still might choose the station with the sign.

The Law Of Reciprocity
Have you ever noticed that you feel compelled to do something for people who have helped you, even if they haven’t asked?

Often the way you pay them back is far more generous than the original good deed they paid you.

This is important to know for network marketing. Often we try to sell by telling our prospect about all the good things about our product /service. But when we do that, we are forgetting that people don’t buy products, they buy people.

Serve Instead of Sell
The best thing you can do for your prospect and for your business is to give your prospect value. If you are selling face cream and your prospect is really looking for a weight loss shake, then give them value by recommending someone who can get them a quality face cream. It’s really simple. Find out who they are, what the want, why they want it and then give it to them. If you can give them what they want directly, offer them suggestions on how they can get it

Serve others and people will like you. They will want to buy from you. They may not become a distributor and buy the Big Kahuna package for $1500 that your company offers but they may try out a months supply. If they like the your product they may become a regular customer of yours. If they really like your product then they might decide to become a distributor and get the Big Kahuna package.

Even if they don’t buy now they could buy later or refer you some clients. If your product is appropriate for gift giving, they may buy a whole pile of it during the holiday season to give to their friends.

Leverage the law of reciprocity to absolutely explode your business.

Using hype or using hardselling techniques will get you a one time commission. If they are a customer, you’ll never see them again and they won’t repurchase. If they are a distributor they won’t end up making money and theyll end up quitting within their first 90 days.

If you aim to serve, you’ll get friendships that lead to more referrals and repeat sales.

“If you focus on the money, you’ll have money to count.
If you focus on serving you’ll have countless money.”~Colin Sprake

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