How To Make Money In MLM Without Even Recruiting A Single Soul

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Make Money In MLM

When I first got started in this profession back in 2003, I had a difficult time. I started slow and then I went down hill from there. It took me 9 months before I made single dollar! When I approached my friends and family about joining, if they didn’t just say no, many of them would say:

“Once you make some money, then call me and I’ll join.”

I wasn’t making any money because I couldn’t recruit anyone and I couldn’t recruit because I wasn’t making any money.

Even after I started making money with my company, my friends and family still didn’t join. Many of them simply just didn’t have the business persistence and mental toughness that it takes to make it in this profession. Some of them said, “It took you this long to finally make money? I’m not willing to wait that long.”

If only I knew then what I know now.

There is a way of making money in the MLM profession and when you do it, it makes it a lot easier to recruit.

Get Customers
If you have a good product, then it should be pretty simple to get customers. Customers have less of a chance of duplicating but they do something very important to your business. They start momentum. Even if you have a small commission of only $5 for a customer, having a handful of customers can add up very quickly and make your business grow.

I know what some of you are thinking, you are thinking, “Kenny, I don’t want to build a retail business, I want to build a team.” That’s great! You want to build a team! That’s perfect.

I’m not saying to get customers and then stop. Customers are a great start to making some money. Once you get customers, then start building a team.

Customers don’t quit.
When a customer likes your product and decides to go on autoship, they will be your customer for life and they will be a source of recurring revenue for a long time. The same simply cannot be said about business owners. When you recruit someone and they decide to get on autoship, if they bought because they wanted to start a business, then eventually they will stop their autoship if they aren’t making money. They won’t be a recurring source of revenue.

Customers are easier to get
Customers are easier to get than it is to recruit team mates and business partners.
Entrepreneurship is definitely on the rise but for the most part, people are programmed to go to school, get good grades and get a job. Most people out there simply don’t want to start a business. But most people out there do buy and they buy almost everyday. If you are approaching someone to start a business, the odds are against you, if you are approaching someone to buy something that you love and recommend, the odds are more in your favor, especially if they already like you.

So, what do you say to get more customers? I like to use the girl scout cookie approach that I learned from Lisa Grossman. Using the girl scout cookie approach, depending on your retail profits, you can build a modest income of $100 – $500/month in as little as 48 hours.

I know that $100-$500/month doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s more than what most network marketers are making on a residual basis. I talk about it in step 1 of my MLM Momentum course that sells for $67. But I do have a very little known special where you can get the course for only $7 here:

Having Customers Makes It Easier To Recruit
If you spend a couple days getting customers and a residual income, imagine how much more confidence you’ll have when you try to recruit someone?
Getting customers first will squash the “How much have you made?” objection.
You can just say, “I’ve just started taking this seriously and in the last 48 hours, I’ve been able to build a residual income of $100/month (or $500/mobth or whatever your number is) do you want to see if this is even a fit for you?” That is actually part of step 2 of my building momentum course. Just to remind you, you can get it at a full $60 off for only $7 here:

Get customers first, then start building your team. You’ll be happy that you did.

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