How To Motivate Your Team. Especially The “Dead” Ones

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Have you ever felt like you “failed” a team member that has dropped out of the business? Maybe you spent so much time and effort just to sponsor a new team member so if they drop out you want to “save” them. I felt that way until I learned this.

Here’s A Simple Plan To Build A Serious Team In Network Marketing Without Nagging, Endless Hand Holding, Or Constant Disappointment.

Your downline’s success is up to them.
Part of you leadership training might lead you to believe that since you sponsored them into the business it’s your responsibility to make them successful. If they drop out, you need to save them. You can’t ave them by motivating them. This profession is tough and not everyone will make it. In fact, most will not be successful. It takes work and most people are unwilling to the work required.

What should you do if when they drop out of the business?
If someone drops out of the business, let them go.
At a leadership training that I attended, they said:

“It is easier to give birth than raise the dead. It’s easier to sponsor a new team member rather than motivate someone that has dropped out.”

They may come back but not because you called them and let them know about a new technique or because your company just came out with a new product.

The very best thing that you can do to revive “dead” team members is to work the business and produce. Inspire them with results. If you are constantly calling your “dead” team members trying to motivate them, they will just get annoyed. Instead of annoying them, inspire them. Recruit a bunch of new reps and show your “dead” members that this business is possible.

Produce and Make Money
You always have to take care of yourself first. It may sound greedy but if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to lead others. It’s just like being in an airplane. If the oxygen masks drop. You are instructed to put yours on BEFORE helping others. Let’s pretend you are on the plane and you are taking care of 3 children. If you try to put the oxygen mask on the kids first, you might pass out before you get to the 2nd child. However if you put the mask on your self before the children, you’ll be able to help all 3 children.

Spending time trying to “save” your fallen team members takes away time that you can be using working the business and producing results of your own.

Producing Results Will Inspire Others
Yes if you work the system and share the results with your team, some people will actually get inspired. Will they all get inspired? No, they will not all get inspired. Anyone who doesn’t get inspired to take action when they see you producing cannot be inspired or motivated. No amount of phone calls or training will get those people to work.

Don’t make the mistake of wanting success for your team mates more than they want it for themselves.

Create a great day!

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