How To Not Worry About The Outcome When You Prospect

Posture: How to not care
Posture in network marketing is often mistaken as trying to prove that MLM is better than anything else. Trying to convince people that jobs suck and that the corporate world is the real pyramid.
Real posture isn’t about that. Real posture is not caring what anyone else thinks and not caring if any single person joins your team.

There have been many trainers that teach that you should have posture and you shouldn’t care if someone doesn’t want to join your team but there isn’t a lot of training on how to get posture if you don’t have it.

How To Get Posture
The best way to get posture is to practice. Practice your invitation scripts, practice your prospecting scripts and practice your presentation scripts.

You can read about what to say all you like but until you get out there and practice, you won’t get any better.

2 Types of Learning
Linear Learning– book learning, very similar to what happens in school. You learn letters, then words, then sentences etc.
Experiential Learning– It’s immersive, it’s when you take action and learn while you are doing it. Riding a bike is experiential learning. You cannot learn how to ride a bike by reading a book, you must get on the bike and try it out.

Network marketers are good at the linear learning, they can read the scripts, they can study the product and the comp plan but they are reluctant to trying the REAL learning of experiential learning: actually prospecting and making phone calls or doing role plays.

You can get posture by practicing your scripts. You can do it in front of a mirror, but you will learn faster if you get an prospecting partner.

A prospecting partner is someone that you can practice your scripts with. You can practice in person or on the phone but the whole point isn’t to have your prospecting partner critique how you prospected. The point is for you to practice saying the words to an actual person.

An Exercise In Not Caring
Many network marketers need to stop caring. For those people, try this; each day, call your partner and prospect them (for practice). Call them up and give them your pitch. If you really want to know what it’s like to not care, have them say, “no” and then hang up.
Some may argue that it isn’t realistic but it is an awesome exercise in simply not caring about the outcome of the situation.
If you do that just once a day for a month. You will no longer care if someone tells you no.

The amateur practices until they get it right, the master practices until they can not get it wrong.

The more you practice, the more you won’t care about the response.
The more you don’t care about the response, the more people you will prospect.
The more people you prospect, the more signs ups and customers you will get.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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