How To Overcome: “I Don’t Have The Money”

no cashOvercoming Objections

“I really like this but I just don’t have the money to get started”

What do you say when your prospect doesn’t have the money?

This is perhaps the most popular objection because it’s an easy way of brushing you off.

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First thing
Find out whether they really want to join or not.
Ask them, “If you had the money, would you do it.”
If it feels like an argument, if they are making a case why they shouldn’t join and you are making a case why they should join, then you shouldn’t be recruiting them.
If they don’t want to join, you don’t want them on your team.
You want to be working WITH the person to over come the objections not against them.

If (and only if) they DO want to join.
Let’s pretend that to get started on your team it’s $500 for them to invest in the “big kahuna” and they say they don’t have the money. You don’t know how much they have. So ask them, “How far are you?” What if they have $450 of the $500? This turns the a $500 obstacle into a $50 obstacle. They may not be able to get the “big kahuna” package but they can get a $300 package if something like that is available.

How can we get you there?
Maybe they can find the money in couple weeks by selling something or getting it from their next pay check. Maybe they have space on their credit card. Maybe they can borrow the money. Maybe it’s a combination of all these things.
Sometimes all you need to do is suggest something.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a prospect if they had enough room on their credit card and they said “yes” and happily charged it.   You never know until you ask.

Raising the money
I really like this way of overcoming the objection because it really gives you an idea of those that are going to work hard and those that are going to just “dip their toe in the water”

I want people on my team that are hungry and ready to work.

Have your prospect raise the money by preselling product.

Lets’ pretend that the $500 package your company offers has 10 units (jars, bottles, boxes etc) of product that wholesale for $50 each and retail for $75.
If you can show your prospect how to sell 7 units for retail price, they’ll have $525. They can use $500 to buy the package and they’ll have $75 left over. They’ll also have 3 units left for personal consumption, sampling or to sell.

I go into more detail in my free audio “How To Build Momentum In Your Network Marketing Business.” I even have a proven script that has gotten upwards of a 50% to 80% success rate.

The great thing about this is you know who really wants it and who’s going to drop out. The person who can raise the money this way is much less likely to quit plain and simple and you are also training them how to work the business before they officially join your team.

I would much rather recruit someone that is hungry and willing to work that doesn’t have the money rather tahn someone that isn’t hungry but does have the money. I have had many people lay out the cash for the “big kahuna” package only to never hear from or see again.

Create a great day!

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