How To Overcome “Wimpy” MLM Objections

mlm-objectionsMLM Objections: 5 Simple Words To Overcome Them

If you are working your business properly, you will get objections.

If you aren’t getting objections and rejections, then you simply are not prospecting enough.

So, if you are guaranteed to run into MLM Objections,you may want to know how to handle rejection in network marketing right?

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The 2 types of objections (actually there are dozens of objections but for the purpose of this blog post, there is only 2)

The Legitimate Objection
This objection is from someone that really wants to buy your product or join your team but they think they can’t.

They don’t have enough money or they don’t have enough time. Maybe they don’t think they can do it and will get left behind and they are secretly not telling you.

There are many resources on overcoming these types of objections and I won’t get into them in this blog post but what makes these objections important is that they are from someone who wants to join.

If the objection is “a good one” then you should overcome it with your prospect. It should not feel like an argument it should feel like you are working together to overcome the objection as a team.

Some great resources to the most common objections in network marketing can be found here:

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The “Wimpy” Objection
You’ll recognize these objections because they feel like they are trying to brush you off.

This will never work.
Is this a pyramid.
My brother’s wife’s uncle was in one of these things and he got ripped off.
It sounds like a scam.
This seems like a lot of work.

Don’t waste any time on objections like these. They can’t be overcome and they are from people that you don’t want on your team anyway.

I used to waste so much time trying to overcome these objections but even if I could logically overcome the objection, they prospect still would buy or join. You are better off saving your time and using the 5 words that I talk about in the video.

If they don’t respond to the 5 words then they are probably not some that you want or need on your team.

Quick Exercise
Make a short list of the qualities that you want in a prospect.
Between 5 and 10 qualities, go ahead and think of them.

I guarantee you that lazy and skeptical are not on your list are they.

Anyone that would give wimpy MLM objections are either lazy, skeptical or simply just not a good fit and they are not someone that you want on your team. So don’t even bother with them.

Handling Objections is a skill that you need to learn to become successful in the network marketing profession. One of the biggest parts of this skill is knowing when to use it.

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