How to Prospect More Professionally and More Efficiently For Your MLM

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Are you spending your prospecting time with the right type of people?
I don’t mean people that are business minded, influential and other great characteristics of a prospect. I mean people that are interested and open to getting more information. I would rather spend more time with an interested person even if they don’t have all the characteristics that I’m looking for over a person that seems perfect but just isn’t interested.

Sometimes you meet someone who could be perfect but you don’t know what you should say to them get the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.”  It’s always good to qualify someone first and see if they are open and interested before you give them any information about your business, product or meeting.

The Spammy Email
I recently got an email from a friend in the network marketing profession. The gist of it sounded like this:

I’m starting a new business and it’s going to be epic!!!! We are meeting on Tuesday at 7pm at the Holiday Inn. This is it! It’s going to be amazing! Pack the house and bring lots of guests! See you there!

Not only does this email look unprofessional, he didn’t even bother to find out if I was interested in looking at something new. Why would anyone try to give me hype and try to convince me if he didn’t even know if I was interested. Instead of trying to convince someone with hype, you are better off finding out more about what they want. There are 5 words that can help you find that out and look more professional.

I equate that type of invitation to asking a girl out on a date.
What if I asked a girl out and said something like this.

“Hey, there’s a great restaurant that serves the world best ribs. Let’s meet there on Tuesday around 7pm. The address is 123 Maple Street. It’s gonna be awesome! See you there!”

Ridiculous isn’t it?
In this example, I didn’t even know if she was interested in going to dinner with me. What if she was a vegetarian? I didn’t bother finding out what she’s interested in eating.

Prospect Only Interested People
Just like the dating example, first find out if they are even interested because if they aren’t interested, then they don’t know have to know where, what time or any other details about the meeting. This also applies to sending emails. Don’t send someone an email with a link in it unless they are expecting more information.
So how do you find out if they are interested?
Simple… just ask them.

Here are some examples:
“Are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”
“Are you at all open to making any money outside of being a realtor (or what ever their profession is)?”
“I’m getting some people together at my place to talk about business do you want to be included?”

Be professional
It looks so unprofessional when you dump a bunch of information on someone and you aren’t even sure if they are interested. Find out if they are interested first and if they are, then give them the information. So many network marketers are so afraid of hearing the word “no” that they don’t stop and ask their prospect if they are interested. It’s ok to hear the word “no”. A “no” means you don’t have to spend any more time an energy on this prospect and you can talk to the next person and maybe they will be interested.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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