How To Prospect Offline Even If You Are Shy And Suck At Sales

offlineDo you want to know how to prospect in your day to life?

I recently got an email form Hadifi Amira in Morocco and he writes:

I am Hadifi Amira and I’m from Morocco.

I would be glad if you can talk about prospecting techniques like offline techniques.

Thank you I appreciate it.

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Prospecting Offline
When it comes to prospecting, your goal is the same whether it’s off line or on line.

Your initial goal in prospecting is to see if they are open.

Simple isn’t it?

It isn’t to sell them, it isn’t to convince them. It’s simply to find out if they are open.

This should take a lot of pressure and stress off of you as a network marketer and a business owner.

This is very different from the kind of prospecting that I was taught when I first joined the profession.

I was taught that:
-I shouldn’t take no for an answer
-If they don’t join or buy then I’m doing them a disservice.
-I need to keep nagging and bugging them until they buy or join.

Be relentless
I recently read an article by Ray Higdon on the Hufffington Post and he said that you need to be relentless in finding people who are open. Not relentless with people.

Be quick to disqualify
Remember if this is not about your pitch or how you well pitch. It’s more their mindset and the timing in your life.
Find out if they are open or if the timing is right. That’s your initial goal.

3 Tips To Finding out How Open They Really Are

1. Ask
Just ask a simple yes or no question:

Are you at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

Are you at all open to making any money outside of (their profession or job)?

Whether they say yes or they say no, you found out if they are open or not and made your initial goal.

2. Don’t be so eager and use the words might or maybe.

After a prospect reveals that they are open, don’t be too eager.

Many new network marketers will jump down their prospect’s throat with different facts and praise about the company.

“Well, if you are open then my company is the best it’s called xyz and we have the best comp plan and it’s ground floor. Our product is scientifically proven… blah, blah, blah.”

This just feels like hype to a prospect and they stop listening and just politely nod after a while.

Don’t be so eager and instead find out what they want and then say you have something that might be a fit.

“Well, if you are open… no promises but I do have an opportunity that you might be a good fit for.”

Out of the 2 which one do you think the prospect will be more open to looking at?

3. Use The Word Even
If at first they say they are open but later they start giving you objections, if appropriate rebuff them with a qualifying statement and make sure to use the word “even”.

For example, if your prospect says something like:
“This looks like a lot of work.”

The amateur network marketer would bounce back and say:
“It’s not a lot of work, it’s easy! All you have to do is xyz! You can do that can’t you?”

Say something like this instead:
“This does take work, so we are looking for people who are hungry and ready to take action. Are you even open to that?”

In the end, you want someone that you had to “qualify” instead of the one you have to convince.

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