How To Really Harness The Law Of Attraction: Leveraging The Universe

Leveraging the UniverseLeveraging The Universe
Did you watch the movie The Secret or read the book ? The law of attraction has always been around but it gained a huge surge in popularity when The Secret came out.

Many cynics thought the way The Secret portrayed how the law of attraction worked was a scam and they were (kind of) right. Allow me to explain.

After watching the The Secret many people (myself included) thought that if you wanted to attract something in your life then all you had to was think about it and wait. If you merely thought about something whether it was a parking space or an unexpected check in the mail you could manifest it into existence simply by thinking about it. However, the truth is this; if you tried to manifest money and sat around all day waiting for it to come, you would think yourself into poverty, foreclosure and bankruptcy.

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So was The Secret a lie?
The Secret wasn’t a lie because thoughts really do become things however. It’s not just about asking and receiving.

There are many books that expound on this concept but the one that made the most sense to me is written by Mike Dooley  who if you remember was featured in The Secret. The book is called Leveraging The Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic  and it is fantastic.

leveraging-universeThis book teaches you the exact steps that you need to follow to harness the law of attraction and really manifest what you want in life.
Those steps are:

1. Understand Your Power
2. Chart Your Course
3. Take Action and Delegate
4. Leverage The Universe
5. Align Your Beliefs
6. Engage The Magic
7. Adjust Your Sails

Take Action and Delegate
The whole book is a master piece and all the steps are golden. However, the step where I learned the most was the third one: Taking action and Delegating
The big distinction that people forget about after watching The Secret is the part in between the asking and receiving. It’s the believing part.

Ask, Believe, Receive.

All 3 parts of the equation are equally important and they are all necessary. You must show the Universe that you believe in order to receive and the best way to show the Universe that you believe is to take action.

In Leveraging The Universe, Mike Dooley shows a great example of this in the 3rd chapter of the book. In the example he paints a scenario where you believe that you will have the luckiest week of your entire life fishing.

With the luckiest week of your life about to begin, when you go fishing Monday morning, would you go with one pole or many? You’d go with many, wouldn’t you? And if you had a few days to prepare, you’d get a couple of boats for friends and family, and you’d clean out the sporting good stores of all their fishing poles. You’d want to maximize you ability to take advantage of the luckiest week of your life, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t walk out your front door Monday morning, look to the sky with arms in the air and shoulders hunched and ask, “Where are the fish? Where are the fish? This is the luckiest week of my life!” ~Mike Dooley, Leveraging the Universe

This makes a lot more sense than just waiting around for something to manifest doesn’t it?

If your dreams are to come true then there are certain things that must line up that you have no control over. That means you must work with the Universe in order to manifest those dreams into reality. When it comes to your dreams, the Universe’s job is much bigger than yours so don’t think that you are doing all or even most of the work. Mike Dooley says:

If you view what you’re doing as your way of inviting the Universe in on the action, then instead of seeing yourself as the one responsible for hitting the home run in your life, your action steps simply become pitches to the Universe, who can then hit the homer for you! ~Mike Dooley, Leveraging the Universe

He some it up best when he says:

If you want the Universe to be able to do all it can, with all it has, from where it is, then you must do all you can, with what you have, from where you are. ~Mike Dooley, Leveraging the Universe

What’s great about this book isn’t only the valuable information and knowledge that is contained with in its pages but also the way the book helps you to take action. Within each chapter is homework which Mike Dooley calls suggested exercises. I find that if a book has suggested exercises, then I am more likely to take the knowledge that I learned and put it into action.

I highly recommend this book. Just sharing with you on this blog post has allowed me to reexamine it’s contents and made me excited to read it again. I hope you read it as well and I also hope that you will take action as well.

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