How To Recruit Even If You Aren’t One Of The Big MLM Leaders Yet

MLM Leaders
MLM Leaders

Have you ever cringed when your prospect asks you:

“How much have you made so far?”

In the beginning, if they haven’t made any (or much) income, this question can make a new network marketer nervous because they think that admitting it will ruin their credibility.

On the other hand, it seems that once you’ve established a full time (or higher) income and become an MLM Leader, then it’s much easier to recruit because they are walking example that the opportunity is valid and that the business works.

Having credibility and success does a couple things for you:
1. It makes the business more attractive to prospects.
2. It builds confidence. It’s so much easier to have success when you have confidence in yourself. It changes the way you walk, the way talk and it also changes the energy and vibes that you are unconsciously sending you to those who are around you.

So what can you do if you don’t have that credibility and you aren’t an MLM leader yet? You must get some sort of success and use that success to help you get that credibility.

There are 3 types of success that you can get to build your credibility with your prospect before you are seen as a big MLM Leader.

1. Recruit Someone
You could start by showing the business to as many people as you can and just by the law of averages and the law of numbers, you will eventually get your first recruit. This strategy does work but unless you have great influence, talent or luck, it can take a while. Sadly, many network marketers end up quitting doing it this way.

2. Get A Testimonial
Sometimes the prospect just wants to make sure that it’s a business brings great value to their customers. The best way to show that is with a testimonial.

This is especially true when you have measurable results or can show before an after pictures. The testimonial doesn’t have to be your own, you don’t have to wait to see how the product works for you, you probably have access to dozens of testimonials from your company and team in video, audio and text format.

3. Get 1 Or More Customers
Sometimes, your prospect wants to make sure that they can do the business and they won’t get left behind. So you have to prove it to them. Getting customers is one of the fastest ways to money.

If you could get 1 – 10 customers in your business in the next 24-48 hours and you told your prospect that you would show them how you did it, do you think they would be more inclined to join?

Customers are the low hanging fruit of the network marketing world. They are the easiest to sell too. Not everyone wants to start a business but everybody buys something.

If you don’t know the how to get customers, then listen to my “How To Create MLM Momentum” free audio download at I’ve had students get dozens of customers within the 24- 48 customers after applying the simple script that you’ll learn there.

Getting customers does a couple things for your business.
1. It puts some money into your pocket.
2. It builds confidence.
3. It builds credibility.

Getting customers will give you a very credible and confident answer to, “How much have you made so far?”

You are able to respond with something like this:

I’ve just started to take my business seriously and with just my actions of today, I’ve gotten 10 new customers. With those customers, I’ve been able to pay myself back for all of my start up costs and built a a residual income of $100/month. I can even show you how I did it.

An extra $100/month may not seem like a lot of money, but that’s only with 1 day of effort.

What if you could teach half your team to do that?
What would happen to your business volume?
Would advance rank?
Would you collect your next bonus check?

So now you know 3 ways to recruit even if you don’t have any credibility.

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