How to rewrite your past and make sense of your suffering.

depression-1252577_960_720Making Sense Of Your Suffering
We all have a past and there are certain events in our past that we would rather forget or wish that it didn’t happen.

If you are like me, sometimes you dwell on it. Maybe it’s a traumatic event that happened. Or perhaps it’s a mistake you made that put you on a different course in life.

I’m one of those people, that think that everything happens for a reason.

While I cant make sense of all of the past events in my life, I trust the Universe that it’s for the better good of not only me but for everyone else as well.

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Everything Happens For A Reason
Everything that happens is preparing you for the future.
I heard of a home builder that builds beautiful homes when he was a child he was in foster care and never had a stable home to go to on a regular basis. Do you think that his home instability in his childhood is an asset or a liability to his drive and determination to build beautiful homes for others?

Painful Past
Back in 2008, I lost everything including the home I lived in. It was a painful experience. I also spent the next 2.5 years of my life investing in real estate. My main clients were those that were in foreclosure. Looking back, I know that losing everything prepared me to deal with families who were facing the reality of losing their home as well. I was able to create income but at the same time serve families in need. I still have letters from some families that I have helped along the way. Here is an example of one:

The money that I made from helping them is long spent and the pain that I went through is long gone but I still treasure the feeling I had of opening up a letter of gratitude from the families I’ve helped.

Losing everything has also assisted me in my Network Marketing career. I now respect money more and I’m now able to better relate with some one who is under financial stress and feeling like their back is against the wall.

Everything that has happened is part of your story and Path. Your story is perfect. Think of your life as a cake. If you look at the recipe for a cake, you’ll see that it includes things we love like sugar and icing. Think of these things as all of the Happy events in our life. But a cake also has things we would normally not eat on their own like baking powder (I think) . Think of these things as our tragic experiences in life. Baking soda on its own doesn’t taste good but if you mix it with the other cake ingredients, it becomes a delicious dessert. If you did not include the baking powder, then the cake would not turn out properly. It’s the same as life. Your uncomfortable and miserable life experiences feel terrible on their own but when mixed with the Happy events they make a wonderful life.

I would not have been able to help so many people (and get paid doing so) if I had not lost everything back in 2008. That home builder that was always moving to different foster homes as a child would not be able to provide the love and effort to providing homes to other families if he had not had such a insecure childhood.

Embrace every moment of your life. It’s all moments big or small, good or bad that create you and make you the way you are and prepare you for the challenges ahead to unlock an incredible life in the future.

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