How To Sell Without Feeling Salesy

mlm-trainingBringing Up The Business

Have you ever made this mistake?
You start talking about your company product in regular conversation. It could be a weight loss shake:

“I’m using this awesome shake, it’s called xyz and it’s really working! I’ve lost 15 lbs so far and I’m not hungry. You should try it.”

And then they ask, “Where do can I get it?”

And then you respond with, “I sell it!”

It makes for an awkward conversation because they are wondering, “Does he really like it or is he just talking about because he is selling it.”

So how do you bring up the business without it feeling “weird”? It’s actually pretty simple but before I explain it, have you ever walked away from that “Perfect Prospect” and wish that you knew what to say? Get the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.”

Guess where I learned this technique? From the one and only at Kim Klaver from of course!

Customer First
If you tried the product and you were a customer first and then decided to market the product, say something like this.

“I loved the product so much that I decided to distribute and sell it.”

Business First
If you were looking for a business to start and saw and like your product, just tell them the truth.

“I was looking for a side project and I found this product. I did my research and saw how it was changing people’s lives so I decided to distribute and sell it.”

If it’s applicable, you can also add:
“I also tried the product and I’ve gotten some great results. I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs and I feel great!”

In both of these examples, it doesn’t feel weird or awkward.  It’s also best to mention that you are business owner before they ask where they can get your product.

The Hidden Benefit
There is a hidden benefit in using these phrases, it drops a very subtle hint that there is a business attached to the product. If I sense that they can’t afford to buy the product I sometimes bring up the business by saying,

“If you want you can become a distributor (like I did), that way you can get the product for free or even make some extra money by refer other customers.”

Whether they can afford the product or not, if they want to start a business, if you’ve used one of the above phrases then they’ll ask you about it. Otherwise, just let them be a customer. You can always offer to talk about the business if they reorder the product or refer you more customers

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