How to Separate The Suspects From The Prospects

target-marketWhat to say to your target market
In my last blog post talked about defining and talking to your target market.
There is one problem with that.
You can’t tell who your target market is by just looking at them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they held up a sign that said, “I get excited to talk about high end, natural weight loss products and meal replacement shakes.”
(or whatever your target market happens to be)

If you just knew who they were, you could reach out and talk to only those people and you would save yourself time, get a better success ratio and most of all you wouldn’t be bugging everyone else.

Unfortunately they don’t hold up a sign that says that and you can’t tell by just looking at them but there is a way of talking to people and quickly finding out if they are part of your target market without bugging everybody and being a pain.

I can promise you 3 things if you use this approach with people.
1. You will get more success prospecting
2. You won’t feel weird when you prospect people (even your warm market)
3. You won’t get shunned by your friends and family when you use this approach. You’ll still get invited to get togethers and people won’t avoid you at parties.

So what’s the process? I’ll tell you about the process that I learned by listening to a pod cast by Kim Klaver but first, if you want a free audio to help you build your network marketing business, just go to:

Step 1- State the type of business or product you are selling/marketing.
I sell a high end skin cream.
I market and sell a gourmet coffee.

Step 2 – State who it’s for and if applicable add in “like me”
It’s for people like me who want to look younger but don’t want to put chemicals on their face.


Its for people who love the taste of quality coffee without paying $5 or more per cup for it at the coffee house like me.


It’s for people like me who want to make sure they are getting enough anioxidants.

Step 3. Ask for a referral.
I like to say,

“Do you know anyone that would to hear about something like that?”

When you put it all together it sounds like this:

I sell and market gourmet coffee. Its for people like me, who love the taste of quality coffee but don’t want to pay $5 or more per cup for it at the coffee house. Do you know anyone that would want more information about that?

You can say that to anyone one without feeling weird.

If they know someone, they will tell you. If it’s them, they will tell you. If they don’t know anyone they will let you know.
It’s much more productive than saying.

“I market and sell this gourmet coffee that has super healthy and contains a special herb that blah blah blah.”

Guess what? They’ve already tuned you out.

Market the business
If you want to market the business, just drop a hint and the the ones that are interested will let you know. I’ll do another video explaining how to bring the business up without being weird.

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