How to Squash The “It’s Too Expensive” Objection

too muchOvercoming Price Objections
Do you want to learn how to absolutely squash the “It’s too expensive” objection?

Network Marketing products are high quality.
They have to be good quality simply because our profession is put under so much scrutiny. People are always looking for something nitpick and something wrong to say about our products. So we can’t afford to have any bad products in our profession.

Because our products are such high quality, they must cost more.
That’s the cost of having high quality products.

Why people won’t buy
You’ve probably heard in your company training that if the prospect says it’s too expensive, they don’t see the value.

That’s true, they don’t see the value. But…

Most network marketers make the mistake of trying to show the value and they’ll say their product is better because:
– they have a special ingredient
– their product is scientifically proven
– their product is breaktrhough
– Dr. Smith approves.

Saying those salesy and hypey words just won’t work if you are talking to the wrong person.

Some people care about the cost, some people care about the quality.

If you are trying to sell something of higher quality to someone that cares only about cost, you won’t get very far.
Maybe they don’t even buy your category of product or they buy low quality. They won’t buy the higher quality more expensive stuff because they just don’t put that much value on it.

Not all millionaires drive Mercedes. Some are happy with a Toyota Camry. Why? They just don’t put much value into the kind of car they drive.

I personally know a decamillionaire that buys his suits at Men’s Wearhouse and not at Hugo Boss or Armani.

The wrong prospect for you doesn’t really care that it’s scientifically proven or break through or recommended by dr. so and so.
It’s like trying to sell a $20 bottle of water from an artesian well water to someone that would rather drink tap water.

How do you squash the “It’s too expensive!” objection?
When you talk about your product, don’t get salesy or hypey.
Your prospect will eventually ask, “How much is it?”

If they ask that, then simply ask them this:
“How much do you usually spend on xyz?”
“How much do you usually spend on weight loss shakes?”
“How much do you usually spend on face cream?”

If they tell you that they don’t spend any money or very small amount of money on your category of product, then tell them, “This probably isn’t for you.”

For weight loss shakes:
“This probably isn’t for you. It’s high quality and for someone that really cares about quality of protein that they put into their body.”

For skin cream:
“This probably isn’t for you, it’s for someone that really cares about the quality of ingredients they put on their face and skin.”

If they are the wrong prospect for you, then tell them no first.

Instead of trying to convince them and justify the cost by saying it’s scientifically proven (or any other hypey, salesy words), look for the person that ALREADY spends a lot of money on your category of product.

What if they do spend a similar amount or more?
If  your prospect DOES spend a similar amount of more, then they ARE your target prospect.
Say something like this:
“This is might be something that you want to try for a month and see if you like it.”
“This might be for you, it’s for someone that really cares about…”

Then it’s ok to tell them the price and give them a little bit of “scientifically proven” hype.

When they say it’s too expensive, tell them it’s not for them, instead of trying to justify the price.
Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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