How To Stop Past Decisions From Impacting Your Reality

Past DecisionsPast Decisions
Are you letting your past decisions determine your future?

I met a guy downtown who was down on his luck. He was a painter. Not the artist kind, the kind that paints walls and buildings. He could no longer paint because he had fallen off of a ladder and painting was no longer safe for the poor guy. He was between 40 and 50 years old so he had plenty of time left to change careers and figure out what his project in life would be but he was stuck. He said, “I’ve been painting ever since I was a teenager, this is all I know how to do.” He asked me if I had a couple of bucks to help him with breakfast and then he went on his way.

Would you take the advice of a teenager when it comes to how you make a living?

This guy did and until he finds a new path, he will continue to let his teenage self dictate his reality. The decisions that you’ve made in your past don’t have to keep on impacting your life.

When I was 18, I decided that I was going to become a nurse. After going to school for 4 years and after 8 years of being a professional nurse I decided to change my path and become an entrepreneur. I liked nursing for a while but lost my passion for the profession. So I moved on. I could have let my 18 year old self continue to dictate my life and I could have continued to nurse and start hating my job. I know a lot of nurses that used to like their job but they’ve stopped liking it. They are getting more patients, responsibility and stress but their pay doesn’t reflect it. I could have stayed in nursing and I would be making a living and paying my bills but I would not have been happy. I would have been one of those people that hate monday mornings, that hate their boss and hate their jobs. I did not want that to be my future.

There is so much training that teaches about not quitting but there is a big difference between quitting on your dreams and simply changing the way you get there.

What if the author of the Harry Potter series J.K Rowling had decided that she wanted to become rich by becoming a concert pianist but instead she changed her path and decided to become an author?

Would people call her a quitter?

Of course they wouldn’t.

There is a big difference between quitting on your dreams and simply changing the way you get there.

Don’t Be Afraid to “Quit”
If you change your path, you aren’t quitting on your dreams, you are just changing the way you get there.

If you’ve started a business that you don’t like or if you were like me and chose a career that you don’t like, do yourself a favor and change your path.

Just because you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your current path doesn’t mean you have to keep on going. You don’t have to let your past decisions determine your future.

I saw this a lot when I was still a nurse. I worked at a teaching hospital where there were many doctors that were still in their residency. Many of them were tired. They were 3 years into a 7 year program and many of them confided in me and said something like, “I don’t want to keep going, I’m not sure if I even like being a doctor anymore. If I didn’t put so much time into this already, I would probably quit.” Some of those doctors graduated and became successful but many graduated and hated being a doctor and ended up picking a different profession.

Refuse to allow what you did, what you didn’t do or what you should have done affect what you are going to do.

Once you change your path to one that fits you, you’ll be happier and that will affect your health, your family life and it will also make you much more productive.

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