How To Stop Procrastinating With This Simple 5 Minute Challenge

Stop Procrastinating
One of my coaching clients has been procrastinating writing his first book. He has a lot of excuses why he doesn’t have the time and hasn’t started.
-he’s a single parent
-? he has a full time job
-?he runs a home based business
-?he feels like he doesn’t have time to think let alone write a book.

Any of these excuses is enough for most people to just say,

“I’m too busy I just don’t have time to write a book. I’ll do it one day when I have more time.”

Don’t wait.
Don’t just start now.
Start right now.

Whether your passion project is writing a book, learning a new language or something else:

If you wait until you have time, you’ll never ever get started.

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Five Minutes
I challenged my client to find 5 minutes a day to work on his book. It’s the same technique that I talk about in a previous blog post called The Easy Way To Finally Tackling That Passion Project That You Have Been Procrastinating.  He said that it wasn’t an ideal time in his life but he was up still for the challenge and he would try it for a week.

A week later he reported that finding five minutes a day was easier than he thought. He also reported that he could get more done in 5 minutes than he thought. He decided to take the challenge on for another week.

The next week he reported that not only did he 5 minutes each day for his book, he looked forward to writing each day. He toyed with the idea of incorporating this into his life permanently. Not just for another week.

He Cheated
One week after that, he reported that he wrote 20 pages. 5 minutes a day multiplied by 21 days is less than 2 hours in total working time. There really is no way that he could write that amount of content in that short period of time. He must have cheated. He must have written more than 5 minutes a day.

My client who had no time to write a book has found enough time to write 20 pages. He is now writing everyday and if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he will eventually finish his book.

Do you think he would have built this momentum if he didn’t take on the 5 minute challenge?

Just by starting with 5 minutes a day, he built a habit and now he writes everyday. Often more than 5 minutes.

Your Turn
Now it’s your turn. Will you take on the 5 minute challenge? When you take 5 minutes to complete something, you’ll find that sometimes you’ll keep working after 5 minutes. Writing isn’t hard. It’s just starting to write that is hard. Doing a project isn’t hard. Starting it is. That’s what the 5 minute challenge is all about. It’s about starting.

If you are up for the challenge then I invite you to start.

Don’t just start now.
Start right now.

If you want to right a book, them some time and start planning.
If it’s a project that you don’t know how to start, take some time and research how to get started

Take 5 minutes and start your passion project now. When you start, you will realize that it’s easier than you thought. When you do something for just 5 minutes each day, it builds a habit. You will realize that you have more time in the day that you thought you had and you can finally complete that passion project you’ve been procrastinating.

Just do it for a week. It just may turn into a habit and change your life.

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