How To Target A Market And Attract Your Ideal Prospect

how-to-target-a-marketAttracting Your Ideal Prospect

Do you want to know how to be more efficient with your prospecting and attract your ideal prospect?

Imagine this:
A prospect that loves your product and gets profound results from it . They share it with their friends and family. They are influential and quickly grow a team. The team also loves your product and want to share it with their network as well. And it grows and it multiplies from there. That’s what happens when with your ideal prospect.

So.. . How do you attract your ideal prospect?

First Define Your Prospect

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When I first got started in this profession, I would prospect everybody. My up line and my company CEO told me that everyone needs our product and that everyone should be part of the organization.

If that was true then I should have been able to call anyone up in the phone book and they should be happy to be my customer or join my team. That wasn’t and isn’t the case. I spent so much time trying to convince instead of sorting through prospect until I found the right one.

If you want to stop wasting your valuable time prospecting the wrong people and trying to convince them to buy or join then you must first define who your ideal prospect is.

Make a short list of the qualities your ideal prospect would possess.
If you are looking for business partners, the list could include but wouldn’t be limited to:
– open minded
– affluent
– influential
– honest
– hungry and ready to work

If you are looking for customers it might look like this:
-someone who can afford your product
-someone that wants to lose weight (if you have a weight loss product)
-someone that wants more energy (if that’s what your product does)

Notice this, I didn’t say someone that needs to lose weight or someone that needs more energy. There is a big difference in people that want something and someone that needs something. The person that actually wants something is more likely to buy.

Your list probably doesn’t include:

If you are talking to someone and they possess any of the qualities that you don’t want in a prospect, then you know you don’t have spend any more time on them. Leave them alone and look for someone that is your ideal prospect. Find people who are open.

“I was relentless to find people who were open, I was never relentless TO people.”~Ray HigdonTweet: I was relentless to find people who were open, I was never relentless TO people.~Ray Higdon @rayhigdon @kennysantos

Use Marketing And Language Directed To Your Ideal Prospect
Now that you’ve identified your ideal prospect, put yourself in your ideal prospect’s shoes.
What are they looking for?
What do they want?

Start using the things they want in your marketing and in your language.

When I realized this I started to realize that the language I was using was pushing away the leaders and my ideal prospects.

Leaders and customers don’t really care if you have scientifically proven product that has clinical trials and was invented by a Nobel prize winning college professor at an Ivy League University.

What do they want?
If it’s a man that wants to lose weight, maybe he just wants to be able to take his shirt off at the beach without feeling self conscious.

If it’s a woman that wants to lose weight maybe she just wants to see the look on her ex’s face when he sees her looking slimmer in a brand new dress.

Whatever your problem you product solves, use language in your marketing that your target market cares about. When you do that they get attracted to your message almost like you are calling them by their first name. They can’t help but be attracted and want to learn more.

If you try to make a message generic and appeal to everyone, then you are aren’t attractive enough to anybody so they don’t even want to look.

I talk about that in the video.

Using this technique is a great start.

When you target marketing you’ll notice that more and more of your prospects will be they type of people that you are looking for but more importantly they’ll also be they type of people that are looking for you.

When that happens, you have less objections, less rejections and more sales.
If you want to the other steps in the process attracting your ideal prospect, then don’t forget to grab the free audio that shows you the 4 steps in generating leads online without paid advertising.

Create A Great Day!

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