If you do the work, the Universe will deliver! Another lesson from Aladdin.

If you do the work, the Universe will deliver. The funny thing is this. It doesn’t always deliver in the way you expect it to.
Sometimes the wealth comes from a direction completely unexpected.


A lot of your success in MLM has to do with your timing.  Sometimes you can say all of the right things to a prospect but the timing just isn’t right for them.  Maybe they just got a new job and they are happy with it.  Maybe they are facing a life event and their mind isn’t into it.

On the other hand also realize that if the timing is right, then sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say.  They will join because you are the first one to approach them.

One things is for certain you’ll never get someone during the right time in their life if you don’t talk to people.  The more people you talk to the more chances that you’ll get someone in the right time of their life and the more YESes you’ll get to build your team.

You do it wrong enough long enough just like  the actor who played the Genie in Aladdin and you’ll be having the time of your life.  You’ll be doing things with so much gusto that people can’t help but want to join you on your journey.

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