If You Want To Be An MLM Top Income Earner Then Don’t Miss This

Top Income Earner
What makes makes an MLM top income earner different than anybody else?

Are they top income earners simply because they have a lot of influence?

What is it?
Is it their:
– Persistence?
-? Sales skills?
-? work ethic?

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There is a group of characteristics that all income earners share however there is one quality that is often over looked.

Top income earners never miss these 3 events.
– the monthly local leadership training.
– ?the regional training. Usually it’s twice a year or quarterly
– ?the international convention. Usually once a year.

Many network marketers don’t realize how important the trainings are. They don’t prioritize the trainings and tell themselves that they will attend the trainings when their business picks up.

MLM amateurs that don’t prioritize going to trainings are ignorant or they are lying to themselves.


Often, the excuses that network marketers use are the same reasons why they joined the business in the first place.

They say that they aren’t going to the training because they:
– don’t have time
-? don’t have money
-? don’t have a team yet

These excuses aren’t only the reason why they joined the business, they are also reasons why they should attend the trainings.

If their business picked up, they would have a team. They would have more money and they would have enough time.

Saying that you’ll go to the training once you have a team is like saying that you’ll go to the gym once you lose weight. You go to the gym so you can lose weight. You go to the trainings so you can get a team.

Saying that you’ll go to the trainings once you make money or once you make time is like saying you’ll get a tutor once you get better grades. You get a tutor so you can get better grades.

Their business is more likely to increase if they go to the trainings and also implement the action strategies that they learn while they are there.

It’s Not Just About The Knowledge
Often network marketers won’t attend the trainings because they have already been to them before and they don’t think they will learn anything new.

Knowing without doing is the same as not knowing.

There is another thing that is even more important than knowledge that network marketers pick up while they are at the trainings.

They learn faith and belief. An important part that happens at all the trainings whether it’s a monthly local training with dozens of people or a huge international global convention with thousands of people is the recognition.

The great part about recognition is that it shows that anybody that is willing to work hard and follow the system can make it in this profession.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are (or how dumb you are), it doesn’t matter how much education you have (or don’t have), it doesn’t matter how much money you have (or don’t have) these aren’t factors that determine your success in this profession.

In fact many people will go to a training and see that there are dozens and dozens of others who have made it from all walks of life. Sometimes it just takes one recognition story to build enough belief for a network marketer to start playing big and then it’s them who is being recognized on stage at the next training.

The reasons why top income earners go to the trainings is to set an example, to build belief and to build knowledge.


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