How To Improve Your Life Without Even Trying

quality-control-1257235_960_720How to improve your results

Do you want to know how to improve your results in your life without even trying?

Now of course, if you want long lasting change, you will have to try but if you implement this technique it will feel easier. It will almost feel like cheating.

I learned this from a book that I read earlier this year called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy but I got reminded of it from an app that I have on my phone that counts my steps. Just like a pedometer or a fit bit.

Just by having this app on my phone I noticed that I been walking more. I took a walk last night and before I was finished, I had a peak at my phone and decided to walk around the block another time so I could get my daily total up higher. I have a total number of steps that I want reach each day and it’s simply because I’m measuring it.

Measure Whatever You Want To Improve

Darren suggests that improve any aspect of your life, all you need to do is track it.

If you want to lose weight, simply weigh yourself each day. The simple act of weighing yourself over a period of time will subconsciously change your behaviour so that you start to lose weight. You may not realize it but you will start to eat healthier foods. . You may start to eat smaller portions, you may start to exercise more. All because you decided to weigh yourself each day.

If you are in network marketing and you want to improve your results, start keeping track of how many people you prospect each day. Let’s pretend that before you started to keep track, you prospected 3 people a week. And then you decide to keep track. On day one you prospect 2 people. On day 2 you will want to beat your previous total and you prospect 3 people. On day 3 you want to beat your total again so you prospect 5 people this keeps going and by the end of the week you are up a day and a total of 30 for the week. If you change your prospecting habits to 3 people a week to 10 people a day, you can’t help but be more successful in your business. The best part, it will feel like you are not even trying! How cool is that?

Whatever you want to improve, measure it. Want to improve your weight? Measure it. Want to improve your prospecting? Measure it. Want to improve how fast you run a mile? Measure it.

When human performance is measured human performance improves.

Don’t just measure it, write it down!
n his book Darren talked about eating healthier and to help himself out, he decided to write down everything he ate each day. Darren wrote about some times when he wanted to eat something unhealthy but he refused it simply because he did want to take the effort of taking out his food journal and writing down that food. He was being lazy a but it helped him. That small change in behaviour can cause a huge change in results.

What are you going to measure so you can make some changes in your life?

Create a great day!

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