In Business, These Things Shouldn’t Matter But They Do

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Imagine this:
You answer an ad about starting your own business and have an appointment for coffee with one of the independent distributors to talk things over. When you get there, the person you are supposed to meet with shows up late. He is also unshaven and not dressed professionally. You catch a glimpse of his car and it old and beaten down.

What’s your impression of the business so far?

All of these things really have no bearing as to whether the business is good or not but it certainly leaves a bad impression on you.

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In business certain things shouldn’t matter but they do.
Let’s not forget, that people don’t join companies, they join people.
You can have a great presentation but if you don’t make a good first impression they may never join your team.

Be aware of the following things so that you can make a great impression on your prospects.

Be Presentable: Be well groomed when you show up to an appointment. Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed and put on some clothes that were the floor. Dress professionally.

Be Punctual: Make it a point to show up on time. If you show up late, you are telling your prospect that you don’t value their time.

Be Pleasant: When you talk to your prospect. Be positive. Smile. Find out more about them. Drop the ego and drop the thinking that you have what everyone needs. instead find out what they want and see if your business/product can serve them.

Be Attractive: People who are better looking get more opportunites. Example: TV personalities are attractive. Sometimes (actually most of the time) opportunities are given to the ones that are better looking rather than the ones that are more talented. An attractive person will get more follow ups and more sales and sign ups over an “ugly” person. It shouldn’t matter if you are good looking or not but it does. Beauty is in the mind. There is nothing more attractive than someone who has just the right amount of confidence. A genuine smile will make anyone more pleasing to look at.

Your Car: Unfortunately, people will judge you based on your vehicle. If it’s not a “nice” car, then make sure you get there early or park a little farther away from the entrance so they don’t see you get out of it. I wish that I didn’t have to include this one but I do.

The place: Make sure that the place you are meeting at is quiet, clean and safe. If you are meeting at a run down donut shop with pot holes in the parking lot, you won’t make a good impression.

These things really shouldn’t matter when it comes to business but they do. You never know why your prospect really tells you no.  It could be because they don’t like the business model, it could be because they don’t like you, it could be because you have bad breath.  So make sure you put your best foot forward when you are first meeting your prospect. You never know who your next big hitter or your next leader is going to be so don’t ruin the chances with a bad first impression.

Create A Great Day!

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