Incredible Product but Lousy Sales?


MLM Product Sales

Do you ever wonder you aren’t able to sell your product even though its so incredible and amazing?

Your product is:
-scientifically proven
-created by an MD who won a Nobel prize and/or teaches at a prestigious University.
-lab tested
-has dozens or even hundreds of testimonials

Your product is the best right? But people still won’t buy it!
Why?  The answer is very simple.

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Not Everyone Buys The Best

Let’s face it, most people just won’t buy your product. No matter how good your product is.
Do you have the very best smart phone on the market?
Do you have the best car?
Do you eat at the best restaurants?
Do you buy the best clothes?

People that buy the best are a small percentage of the population. Many just can’t afford it and most of those that can afford it just don’t put enough value on the best to buy it. Some would rather save their money. You probably heard of pro athletes or millionaires that drive modest cars or live in modest homes.


Some people will keep buying the same thing over and over simply because it’s their habit to do so.

One prime example is Tide laundry detergent. Many people simply buy Tide because that is what their mother bought growing up.

You could show them a different detergent that is scientifically proven to clean better, that is better for the environment, that is gentler on their clothes and even less expensive but they will still keep buying Tide.

If an amateur salesman runs into someone like this, they will try to convince them why they should switch. Don’t be this type of salesman. Most of the time these prospects just won’t change their minds. They like what’s familiar because it’s emotional. All the logic in the world won’t change an emotional mind. The professional salesman recognizes this and instead of spending time trying to change the prospects mind, they spend their time looking for people that are open minded and willing to try something new.

What can you do?

So what can you do to increase your sales?
Watch the video for some ideas how to increase your sales and start getting success in your business.

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