Independent Distributor Business Ownership

Independent distributors should own the business. Well not in the usual sense, at least initially,but if you are told,as a worker,to do this or do that…then if things work really depends on your attitude. For example,if you are given a recommendation to ring someone up, and maybe welcome them for their sign up,then this is when psychologically owning the business will help. How are you going say your welcome?Is it a chore,are you just feeling that it has to be done? Is it going to sound or even feel heartfelt?

Never could work out why some staff just never could talk to people in a bubbly open way? But as an independent distributor I have often done the moves we were advised to,and just felt a bit used. There is the fear of insincerity.Maybe it is how I feel.This would not be the case if it were my own business. Where does the Self come from in doing the service?

Kung Fu,TaiChi,Yoga,and Aikido deal in energies.This can exist or not whether you are two or twenty two. The more people who did these for the energies the better.They are for a higher Self defence.When you have been practising, even normally grating people seem to be relating to you better, and your job is truly just a part of the universe. At the highest level physical or psychic attack may even seem like a lot of fun.

None of these will work if done even as you do your business in a down way.Even as you find out none of the moves of a porn or romantic star will impress anyone either, unless you bring to any of these some higher self.

Ownership may may just be the awakening of or activation of, the second chakra,just below the belly button.See the belly dancer trying to teach you something.However, the Heart chakra or Compassionately objective feelings for the person spoken to may also be useful.Quite possibly, when ringing,with a voice that is insincere,you probably have a zombie voodoo hollow tone.

Maybe they have no idea of your hang ups,and are just wondering why you are not open to their situation…are they busy?did they just say something that your pre-prepared script had no place for?

Therefore,even if you have joined any business, it might be because the cost of entry seems so low ,and/or it is so throw away,that you don’t really care to do something with it.

Luckily I am an independent distributor of a range of products that can do with being used more widely, otherwise experience of just doing the moves has just about seen me quit.With my type of energy they probably could say,’ about time!’

Three years as an independent distributor for 4Life.

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