Influence: This is having more impact on your life than you realize.

influencesYou probably heard of this:

Our thoughts determine our feelings.
Our feelings determine our actions.
Our Actions determine our results.

So in the end it’s really our thoughts that determine our reality in life. That’s why thoughts become things.

But what determines our thoughts?

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Our Thoughts
It is true that we choose our thoughts, but we cannot consciously choose our thoughts 100% of the time. When we stop concentrating on what we think (like we do when we say our affirmations, pray or meditate) our thoughts are determined by our beliefs and our influences.

So what is influencing you and those you love?
For most our biggest influences our social media, internet, video games and TV.
Most of the influences on our life are negative so if you aren’t taking precautions to making sure that your biggest influences are positive then by default they will be negative.

My decision
There was a time that I gave up TV because I just couldn’t afford it. When I did give up TV my life improved. I made more money and I was happier. When I could afford TV again, I started watching again. But I’ve decided to give it up again once more.

I’m pretty good at making sure that I don’t watch the news or anything negative but I do have one guilty pleasure. Reality TV.

I gave up TV for 2 reasons
-the time it wastes.
-the kind of influence it has on me.

For anyone that says that they don’t have enough time, then they need to give up watching TV. I counted up all of the hours that I waste watching TV and it’s astounding. 3 hours of Big Brother. 1 hour of Survivor. 1 hour of the Amazing Race. 1 hour of Hell’s Kitchen. 1 hour of Master Chef. It goes on and on and on.

I just wanted to be more productive in life so I just stopped watching them. I haven’t even missed watching them. They really weren’t that important to me. I was using them as a distraction to procrastinate being productive.

A bigger problem than the time TV wastes is it’s influence on us.
Children see more violence and crime on TV these days. They even see it in video games. And yes… for the most part they still know it’s fake but that influence is having an effect on the crime rates. Do you think crime and violence would go higher or lower if our children simply stopped watching so much violence on TV? It’s something to think about.
What ever you expose yourself to has an effect on you. Even if you know it’s bad.

It’s not just TV
I remember, when I was a nurse, I could have had a job working at a prison as a nurse. The pay was very good. I didn’t take the job because I was afraid that I would negatively change as a person if I was constantly expose to so much negativity and hate on a daily basis.

Be purposeful of what you allow to influence you and you’ll see a remarkable change in your life in a short period of time.

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