Is it possible to build a business without hype?

don't believe the hypeHype: Is it possible to build a business without hype?
A fb friend of mine asked that question in a status update.
There was discussion about it, I was one of the those against the hype. And someone said, “define what you mean by hype”

So here is the definition according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

1. put on, deceive

2. to promote or publicize extravagantly

Hype just has slimy type of feel about it. Why would you want to deceive someone so that they will buy your product or join your business?

Unfortunately, network marketing is so full hype.
People’s reality just seem so distorted that think they are supposed to use hype to promote their business.

“This is so easy! You should do it too!”
“You would be great at this!”

If you have someone joining your business thinking it’s easy (because that’s what they’ve been told). They’ll end up quitting . Maybe they’ll be able to sell a jar or 2 of the stuff to their parents or aunt but they’ll be left with a bunch of product and they’ll have wasted their time and money all because someone told them that it would be easy.

Don’t be the person that told them it was easy because it’s not.

If your business is so good then you should not have to use any hype. As a matter of fact, your business IS good enough and using hype to promote it just takes away from it’s value.

Hype attracts the people that are lazy and pushes away the people that DO want to work.

Stop using hype, you’ll be able to get SOME explosive growth but it’s gonna be from a bunch of lazy people. The growth won’t be sustainable and everyone will quit. You’ll end up with a bunch of people in your downline but you’ll have no volume.

It’s not only possible but it’s actually easier to build a long term sustainable business without hype.

I would much recruit 2 people a month that are ready to work vs 10 people that are just saving their spots and not working.

What do you think? I would like to hear your opinions in the comments below.  

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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