It’s not you, it’s them: How to Eliminate Rejection In Network Marketing

Fear-Of-RejectionReducing Rejection
Have you ever approached the someone that you think is the perfect prospect?
They have money, they are well connected, they are very influential and if they joined your team, you’d expect that your business would grow rapidly.
However.. they just aren’t interested.

And then you thought to yourself. “I screwed up. I wish I could have explained it more clearly. I should have show them more testimonials or I should have gone deeper into the compensation plan.”
I’ve gone through that very scenario. In the moment, I thought that it was my fault. I just wasn’t able to transfer my excitement to them effectively. However, looking back. I realize that it wasn’t my fault. You should NEVER think that it’s your fault that the prospect wan’t interested. If you are not sure what to say when you talk to a prospect, then get the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.”  But always remember this, even if you give a great pitch or a great presentation, you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person.

Change your thinking
Most Network Marketers (especially new ones) try to make the business look good for the prospect.
– we have a break through product
– Dr. So and So really endorses our product because we have a special ingredient
– this opportunity is ground floor.

The problem is that you are trying to convince your prospect.  It gives them the power and they have a chance to reject you.

Instead of trying to show all of the great points about the business to your prospect and trying to make your company fill their needs, qualify your prospect instead and see if they have all the criteria to join your team.

How to qualify your prospects
To qualify your prospects, you have to know what you are looking for.
Think of all the things that you would like to see in a potential business partner and team mate.
Make 2 check lists: “Nice To Have” and “Need To Have”

Nice to Have
The Nice To Have list are all the things that would be great to have in a perfect prospect. They might include things like:
well educated
out going
entrepreneurial mind

Need to Have
Your Need To Have list is more important, because if they are missing ANY ONE of these criteria they just aren’t a good fit for your team. The need to have is the bare minimum that a prospect needs to qualify for you team.

I only have 4 things that are on my need to have list:
-Willing To Work
-Hungry For Change
-Coachable and Teachable
-Sees the vision and the potential of my company and joining my team.

I want you to notice that, one of the critera that I put down is that they see the vision and the potential of joining my team.
If they don’t see the vision, then guess what?
They don’t qualify!

Since they don`t qualify, there is no reason to convince them that need to join my team.

Don’t Convince
Realize this, a smaller percentage of the population is going to qualify. Let’s pretend it’s only 10% of the population.
That’s means 90% of the time they won’t qualify. If I run into part of the 90%, then I have a choice. I can let them go, or I can spend (or waste) my time trying to convince them that they SHOULD be part of the 10%.

Trying to convince someone that they should be entrepreneur when they would rather be an employee is like trying to convince someone that their favorite color should be green when their favorite color is purple. Some people just like purple and some people just like being an employee. There’s nothing wrong with that.

You can argue until you are red in the face why green is better but in the end they just like purple.
You can also argue until you are red in the face why being an entrepreneur is better than being an employee but in the end, they just like being an employee.

When someone doesn’t qualify
Prospects will give you red flags that tell you that they don’t qualify.
They might say something like:
“Is this one of those things?”
“Do you have to invest your own money?”
“Do people actually buy that stuff (referring to your product/service)?”

It doesn’t matter how many of the “Nice To Have” qualities my prospect possesses if they don’t have ALL of the “Need to Have” qualities. When that happens I just tell myself, “This person isn’t a good fit for my team.”
I will just politely dismiss them and talk to someone else.
“This probably isn’t a good fit for you, this is for someone that is hungry for change (or what ever the reason is that they don’t qualify)”

If your prospect doesn’t qualify, don’t waste any time more time with them. Go find someone that does qualify.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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P. S
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